The first story I know about Forex is from Binary Option ads that tease me

The first story to know Forex. This story is my true story when I first got to know forex, which I will describe briefly, because this post is just to fill my free time and of course I know stories of experiences like this will not attract visitors to read it because it does not contain knowledge in it and only stories only.

Initially, I did not know Forex, but at one time on a web site I found there were many advertisements that produced tens of millions of IDR or several hundred thousand USD from what the name saw graphs and "only" determined to go up or down like that.

Well, that makes me wonder if it is possible to get money that is so easy, even though what we know to get our money must be hard-spelled or at least we have to shed tears.

Out of curiosity, I read stories from people who were called "traders.The trader is a person who conducts buying and selling transactions and incidentally I also just heard the term trader binary option.

Because I am increasingly curious to see the pictures that make me drool haha, then I follow the link and it turns out that I arrived at the download link of an application on Android called "OlympTrade."

Because I'm just sharing stories here so I won't cover up the broker's name huh... I arrived at a demo account where we were given a fake balance or the term "demo." I followed the demo and it was still 50:50 because the name was also a demo so lazy also wanted to play it so come one day I made a deposit using a real account.

At that time I fad and I immediately deposited the amount that will make you laugh, which is approximately 11 USD. Well, from the capital, I tried several times of trading and in a short amount of time I lost. WTF!

It's a bit of a surprise to see graphical movements that seem to jump up and down on their own. The more curious I am with the binary so that I am looking for information about the binary and know the term forex later. And it turns out that after knowing the differences and similarities, learn about forex science which is applied in an option.

Because of coincidence or luck, I joined the OlympTrade anniversary event to get a bonus of 50 USD which can later be traded on a real account. Then I traded from 50 USD and made it to 150 USD.

Because the name is human and full of lust then I try to increase the amount traded and lose, lose, lose because of annoyance I input everything and yeah, finally the balance becomes 0 again.

After being confused about binary, I looked for deeper knowledge and found me with forex, although forex seems difficult but quite understandable.

I then tried XM broker and make a deposit at that time about 19 USD I traded because there was no knowledge at that time I waited to continue floating until finally hit by "Margin call."

Incidentally at that time I did not understand the term only, the balance was up. For some reason my curiosity about forex is getting smoldering because seeing forex that is not limited by time becomes more flexible.

So in my opinion the binary option is instant money compared to forex which is hard to ask for mercy, but binary options also have a huge risk. My main reason for going into forex is that many say that the binary broker is like a bookie so there is cheating and those who advertise here and there are only insiders.

The curiosity grew even more, I then deposited again at the XM broker many times with a nominal value of only 5 USD, 10 USD several times but the result was a margin call again. In forex it feels more difficult because you have to determine when to close the position.

Very often my new small profit closes while if the loss is deliberately left until the graph returns again. You already know that but for some reason it's hard to control yourself so you lose again. After a few times I see the history deposit, it turns out almost 50 USD in losses I trade on the micro-XM account.

Now myself I have deliberately closed my OlympTrade (OT) account and plan to close the micro-XM account with the excuse not to leave a trail of Loss but rather to want to leave the trading mindset which has been a rich instant with large lots.

Then I boarded an additional account at XM, namely Ultra Low account (formerly called Zero). I took the micro account again with the excuse not to lust with big lots. Well, at the beginning, I deposited 52 USD he hehe, I hope that my account will be able to successfully trade by using my new trading psychology.

Please pray from your friends, friends. If there are suggestions, please give this newbie (me) advice. Thanks.