Is MIA FintechFX scam? Beware of spam investments and money game on behalf of CopyTrade

Money Game with a Copy Trade system? Gold Trading at MIA? MIA or FintechFX is a Money Game/Scam Investment?.

The last few years of CopyTrade are indeed very booming so that it is widely used by a MoneyGame agent to deceive prey on behalf of copytrade and of course with extraordinary offers and lucrative investment returns (even offering multiple returns from initial capital).

Not long ago, another new type of money game called MIA or FintechFX which claimed their payment was the result of a copy of a trade of a very good trader named James Harrison.

After I searched, the origin of MIA FintechFX actually originated from Singapore or Malaysia, but the source was not credible and clear so I also still doubted the truth.

What is clear in the identity of the web is hidden and disguised as if from Australia but not (I once read an article on the internet that says Malaysia is known as a money game manufacturer).

Based on information circulating on the internet said one of his MIA FintechFX boss was named Jensen Choong.However, after I searched again there were also those who mentioned if his name changed from Jensen Choong then changed his name again to Beckham Choong.

Well, from the boss's mode that changes the skin like that, then actually if we want to be aware, then this is definitely a cheat and something is wrong right? (Previously, the investment was stupid and almost the same as the Boss mode, often changing the skin too, and this is the hallmark of fraudsters).

Now we unload some of the facts that MIA or FintechFX is doubtful and threatened with scam:

  • Transfer of funds to FintechFX is through collectors or individuals which of course is very strange.
  • The withdrawal of funds was also sent from the collectors or individuals who were made up of many names.
  • Withdrawal of funds that can be done without the authorization of the account owner, which means he can also carry away at any time customer funds.
  • Said that FintechFX from Australia, but after I looked at Alexa siteinfo (a site that ranks the web in the world based on the number of visitors) its visitors from Australia were almost nonexistent, even the most from Indonesia and other countries such as Hong Kong and Malaysia.
  • Funds from customers that are deposited are actually also not under the supervision of the regulator (in time it will be proven when it is scam then this will be revealed. Modes such as licensing and big mouth are also characteristics of money games when brainwashing members so they want to come along and believe in him).
  • The longer, the return return given from MIA FintechFX is actually getting smaller than before. This is because the bigger the snowball ball increases, the harder it is to pay the profit from the money game to the members, and this means that the signs are getting more dangerous, especially if you add new extra bonus promos that never existed before, that means you need fresh funds more or want to get ready to run away. (this is usually the characteristics of the money game that will collapse).
  • Using the latest forex trading trend terms, namely Copy Trade from great traders (even though the trader is fictional and not yet known by many people). If he is really a great trader throughout the universe who can provide High Return Consistent like that especially for years, then MIA should have been used as a government program to alleviate poverty.
  • Apart from that, there is a fairly large Member Get Member bonus that doesn't make sense, and this definitely uses a Ponzi scheme, because it's already a typical feature.
  • James Harrison, who is said to be a great trader and his claims have been trading more than 8 years ago, no one ever knew the originals.
  • Every weekend the James Harrison profit trading fund collected on our FintechFX account is automatically transferred to our account at MIA. How does that happen? Even though we never gave authorization/password for the withdrawal process from FintechFX to MIA. That means that from MIA, can we someday run away with our capital and profit at FintechFX lost forever? This has become a big concern for all of us. Because the WD process in large brokerage companies in general is not something that can be done without our authorization as the owner of the account, sometimes not only requires us to enter a password, but also to use Google Authenticator or SMS, OTP, etc. (same as banking). This is to prevent our funds on these accounts can not be arbitrarily withdrawn by unauthorized parties. Imagine if MIA every week can pull our portion of profit into his account, is it impossible for MIA to withdraw all of our capital and profits that are in our FintechFX account and then run away and disappear forever?
  • He said that it had been operating for many years or 2006 (information from several leaders), but when checked, it turned out that the web activation and domain were actually in 2017, 2018.
  • His claim was MIA as a Distributor or IB from FintechFX, even though in fact it was a boss (he made this condition so that in order to wash his hands if there was anything then what was blamed was MIA, when in fact it was the same 1 company owner)
  • If he can give returns above 10-15% per month to the members on a fix basis (apart from the MLM bonus/member get member), then why doesn't he borrow money from a bank that is more profitable than dividing it into members? actually the answer is because the bank can't be fooled.
  • He dared to buy permits in Australia and the United States, even though his permission was actually not as a brokerage company when checked deeper.
  • Verifying the results of MIA's trading on my myfxbook is to use the broker itself, namely at FintechFX (yes, it can be seen that the profit continues, even though the price is already set). 

Then, how is this MIA how can it continue to look profit and rarely lose? The key is actually because setting prices running on forex objects or gold in his own brokerage company, FintechFX. 

Here are some illustrations of how this works MIA / FintechFX why can it be seen as consistent and awesome profit like that:

Suppose the price of a Forex/Gold instrument in the real market from 1390 has gone to 1400 (but at that time the forex price at FintechFX is still at 1390, because the movement was held back first).

The price system at the FintechFX broker will be held first and not moved to 1400 first (usually held in a 1-2 second break, so as not to get caught).

Then FintechFX through its API system at MIA immediately installs a Buy order at the price that was held earlier, which is 1390 (this process is carried out quickly only a fraction of a second apart, so as not to be discovered that the price is actually not moving first).

After the order is installed, then in the brokerage system FintechFX changes the price of the price to 1400. Well, that way, it will look pretty playful that it really is true that this is continued profit and the price is in accordance with real market (even though there is a split second delay at FintechFX.

This is compared to the real market for the deception process, which is holding back the price first so that there is time to process the order).

Maybe, for some time he will intentionally make loss trading, so that it looks like dramatic and so that it looks reasonable.

The point is they can change or play the running price on the broker's side so that it looks profit or whatever and history or trading statement as above is verified on a web platform called myfxbook, so that it looks like this is real trading and real profit, this is proof.

Even though it's playing in "her own cage", yes, obviously the price can be adjusted arbitrarily. There are lots of editing methods that can be done by money game companies, because their trade is not open, so the elements of manipulation are very large done by them.

Even though it is monitored in MT4 / MT5, it will definitely look like it actually happened, even though behind that there is a game in the price movement.

Well, lay people who don't understand the dealing system in the broker will surely be amazed, especially for people who are passionate about money!

In addition, the profit or loss numbers are also in the city itself. Not thrown into the real market, so there is no problem to win or lose, it is only a number in his own company that can be handled for his own sake.

Another story is that if he is the MIA, he also trades at other popular brokers for comparison, for example, trades also on FXDD, GainCapital, FXTM or Saxobank, which are outside of his broker / outside his enclosure. And if you can be consistent profit on the popular broker then we can trust.

Is the reason MIA does not want to open its transparent open trading position so that it is not copied by others?

Well, that's just a lie, because actually if he wants to open trade on myfxbook then it won't be copied, so why be afraid, especially for being given a couple of hours or being stopped a few days ago closed again a few days randomly, that too done actually if he really is real and not the result of editing.

Well, if it is locked, all can not see the position of the trades, so there must be something to hide, because trading is actually dynamic and cannot always be stable profit like that.

Licensing at MIA FintechFX is also not exactly what it should be. compare with the licensing of brokerage companies that are truly authorized in Australia.

After I read from several internet sources that FintechFX is licensed not as a brokerage company for forex and gold, but FintechFX is licensed as a securities company that sells stocks and bonds, which is clearly off the mark and not in the actual category.

At the FintechFX licensing clause, there is no mention of derivatives, even though this MIA at FintechFX is the tradition on the Gold Derivatives.

From the different elements of the permit, we can see that there are elements of irregularities from FintechFX and MIA companies.

Now, some of the allegations that arose were that the Boss of FintechFX deliberately arranged permission in Australia but he played his own stocks or bonds there and established a stock securities company so that it seemed like there was a permit, even though it was for camouflage to convince people, when it had nothing to do with his business (MIA FintechFX is only trading in Gold, which must be in the category of derivatives, and not in stocks or bonds).

And to be honest, there are many ordinary people who don't understand the difference between a securities company and a derivative company, so this Boss or FintechFX MIA Leader is tricking people in such a way.

Then from the FintechFX website itself, if we read the jelly, actually he is a NON-Regulated company based in the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines where to manage the permit there it can be purchased at a relatively cheap price.

Now this is what makes it strange that he says he has NFA permission (United States), but on the web it is written that citizens are not accepted at FintechFX, this is clearly very strange.

From the review of the permissions, Mia FintechFX is full of many irregularities, so it must be careful for those of you who invest there.

The way to true CopyTrade, should allow customers to choose their own brokerage company as a place to place their funds, not forced to be placed in 1 brokerage company (moreover the broker MIA is also not popular and credible).

So this is very vulnerable to elements of the game and conspiracy.


In June 2019, many traders at MIA FintechFX claim that many suffer losses and the balance changes to 0 (zero) all, and the militant of MIA or money game players who are still adamant in MIA may now bite all fingers.

The MIA management did say that it was hacked so the blind trade using super big lots and loss, but is that possible? 

Well, that is just a reason for the scenario to calm people who are confused. Even though the actual scam was 100% and the funds had been entered into the pocket of the city of FintechFX and then shared with the boss MIA hehehe. 

And if MIA has made such loss trading, the user is legally unable to sue MIA, because this Copy of Trade and loss is reasonable in the eyes of the law of forex.

But is it possible that the reason is that the server was hacked?

In my personal opinion it is impossible, because: Other Australian brokers such as FXCM Australia, AXI and GoMarket are fine and there are no false orders there.

FintechFX broker itself is actually also not from Australia, try reading on the website FintechFX he originally came from the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (offshore country).

If the hacker hacked Metatrader FintechFX, then he could hack all the Metatrader and this would certainly affect all forex companies in the world, and the proof is that other forex companies are fine.

Hacking a forex broker will not be that easy, especially if customer funds are placed in a segregated account, so if a problem occurs it can actually confirm to the bank together with the regulator that shelves it (if it is indeed under the auspices of ASIC), the proof is until now there is no confirmation from ASIC regarding the account at this FintechFX broker.

Actually, the early signs of MIA were seen as spam since a few months ago launched a new program which gave a higher return than usual, even he claimed to now do business in mining (it has nothing to do with trading), now it's actually a sign that it will collapse, and proven problematic now.

If indeed this is proven to be hacked by the server and results in loss trading, then is it possible for the people's money to return? I think it's very difficult and impossible.

Hopefully this case from MIA FintechFX can be learned, and don't play money games if you are not ready to lose the money.

Instead of following the Money Game copy trade at MIA / FintechFX, we should learn to trade on our own in a true and safe forex brokerage company, because by trading on a truly trusted forex brokerage company, the funds are in our own hands and not in the hands of others who are not clear and can be risky
Such as MIA, especially the broker company used by MIA is a forex broker company that is not credible. Therefore, you must be careful in investing your money.