Uncover the secrets of forex trading risks that are usually hidden

Uncover the secrets of forex trading risks that are usually hidden - All kinds of businesses must have advantages and disadvantages, including forex trading. If you know the bad side of a field, you will more easily avoid the risks.

Well, in this article I will discuss the secrets of the risks of forex trading which are usually hidden so that many fail to understand money management and are exposed to MC or mentally damaged.

It's a natural thing if we try to introduce one new thing, we will tend to express the good side and tend to "hide" the negative side.

Maybe the introductory party does not mean to lie. It's just that the person does not wither before developing alias desperate before trying. 

Actually, if I personally don't agree with this method of introduction. I am more inclined to introduce something as a whole, as it is, both positive and negative.

In fact, in my opinion, it's better to know the bad things, so that I won't be surprised if I see the bad things. Well, if the good thing is, it doesn't really matter.

After all, it seems that everyone is always "ready" to get the best, right?

Well, in connection with the intention to introduce something in full, both in terms of both the good and the bad, I tried writing this article.

For those of you who are excited to focus on the world of forex trading, this article does not mean to break your spirit?

Actually, I'm just trying to give an idea of ​ bad side that anyone might not have put forward when introducing forex trading to you (especially the one who exposed forex sales).

My hope, later by getting to know the bad side of forex, you will be more mentally prepared to face a cruel battle in the market.

Let's reveal the risks of forex trading that tend to be hidden so far, along with the explanation:

1. You Will Lose Money At Forex Trading.

Wow, how come it looks scary, huh? Uh, but this is the reality. It is impossible for you to always get profit from every position you take.

So, prepare mentally to deal with the losses that you will experience.

2. Forex is not suitable for everyone.

Often, it is suggested that forex trading can be done by anyone, so that everyone is considered suitable to become a forex trader.

Um, here I prefer to be frank that not everyone is suitable to be a trader. To become a trader (a good one), criteria are needed based on personality characteristics and certain abilities, which not everyone fits these criteria.

3. You Will Not Get Rich Suddenly With Trading.

Ok, maybe the opportunity to make profits are the main thing that makes people flock to try their luck in this forex trading.

Maybe you too often hear the sweet stories of successful traders who manage to make a profit, with a rather astounding amount of investment size. But if you hope to become rich suddenly by becoming a trader.

Well, I reluctantly express to you: that won't happen. Of course, being a trader means we have the opportunity to benefit from our trade.

However, please remember, the acquisition of stable profits will not be achieved in a short time.

4. Many Forex Brokers are Scam

"Suspect" your broker before it is proven that the broker is honest. Yeah! Sorry for the friend of the trader who is also the broker IB.

In fact, many forex brokers are scams. So, there's no harm in always being alert and careful when choosing a broker where we will trade.

Choose a broker that is trusted and has regulations that have international standards and make sure that many broker testimonials are for example about how the withdrawal process is fast or not?

5. High Leverage means High Risk.

Indeed, one of the advantages of forex trading is the leverage that can increase the strength of our transactions as traders.

However, also be aware that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk. That is why it is said that leverage is like a double-edged sword.

On the one hand it increases the strength of transactions, but on the other hand also increases risk.

6. Demo Account is the Best Friend.

Many traders feel that trading on a Demo Account is useless or even proud to use a Demo Account.

In fact, in my opinion, even a Master classmate trader still needs a Demo Account to test a trading system before being applied at a Real Account.

Even though your capital is abundant, taking unnecessary risks is a less intelligent action for an investor, right?

So, do not blame yourself if you really feel that forex trading is not suitable for you. After all, there are still many business opportunities or maybe a profession that you can pursue.

It's not fun as well if everyone is a forex trader. The things I mentioned above are some forex risks which are often (intentionally or unintentionally) "hidden" against prospective traders.

Well, hopefully, with the brief description above, you can be more aware of what you will face once you decide to learn forex trading, so you will become a more resilient trader later. Ganbatte!