EA WallStreet forex robot review and story

Wall Street forex robot review and story
Wall Street forex robot review and story
There is the best solution for you who have never gotten consistent profits through forex trading.

Namely, by changing your trading strategy through manual trading into automated trading using Forex Robots. So, you can do automatic trading directly carried out by robots.

Well, this time I will review one robot that is popular, the Wall Street forex robot. EA Wall Street Robot is a superior trading robot with a trading system focused on the Scalping strategy.

The core strategy is that the system automatically manages the opening of low-risk positions with easy profit targets being achieved. So, profits can accumulate quickly while following the direction of the latest price trends.

One of the main features of the Wall Street EA Robot is the Broker Spy Module, with the main function of being a "spy" to pry into your broker's cheating.

With this module, you can measure the transparency of broker trading conditions.
  • Wall Street Platform EA Robot available for MT4 / MT5 platform
  • Recommended Pair: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF, USD / CAD, NZD / USD and AUD / USD
  • Strategy to use this robot is Scalping and the best on the M15 timeframe
  • Choose Broker that offers MT4 / MT5 trading terminals and this robot can use for Micro, Mini or Standard accounts.
  • License: Paid, prices start at $347 and discounts up to $287 (bonus EA Wall Street Asia and Wall Street Recovery EA). 
  • Used for 1 real account. If on a demo account, there are no restrictions.

Excellence EA Wall Street Robot has a Win Rate that can hold stable between 80%. This performance indicator is very competitive compared to other trading robots which only have a Win Rate below 70%.

In terms of profitability, the high Win Rate strongly supports the Wall Street Robot EA Scalping strategy, with an average profit target of 10-15 pips per position on tightly spread pairs.

To support the conditions of opening trading positions with the Scalping strategy, there are other features that are the advantages of EA Wallstreet:
  • Broker Spy Module: They equip The Wall Street EA robot with sophisticated tools to detect broker fraud such as Negative slippage, widespread, and slow execution. Now you can find out exactly how much the broker has hurt you.
  • Advanced Money Management: The Wall Street EA system automatically calculates the number of Lot in each position to maximize profits and reduce losses.
  • Profit Protection System: They calculate every trading position to lock in profits as optimal as possible. So, there is no profitable position that becomes a loss because of the reversal of the direction of the trend. Broker Protection System: This system hides the level of Stop Loss and Take Profit positions from fraudulent brokers who take positions opposite to their clients. These advantages make trading positions avoid the Stop Loss hunter.
  • High Impact News Protection System: When news releases are high impact, prices can move up and down quickly. That is the reason they put this system in place, namely to protect accounts from price fluctuations. By default, this system not activated because sometimes the price movements are fast instead of profitable. But Users can activate it themselves in the settings.
  • High-Spread Protection System: Widened spreads can bring loss to the Scalping position. Fortunately, the Wall Street EA Robot system can detect spreads that spread unnaturally and prevent opening positions under these conditions.
  • High-Slippage Protection System: When prices fluctuate, brokers sometimes execute orders at a detrimental price difference. The system automatically avoids opening trading positions under these conditions.
  • After-sales service:  Service in the form of 24-hour Customer Service every day. 
  • Money-back guarantee: EA Wall Street Robot provides a money-back guarantee if it is for 60 days after the first installation if the results are not satisfactory.

One of the interesting things when buying this wall street robot is you will also get a bonus of two additional EA Robots:
  • EA Wall Street Asia: This EA robot specifically designed for Scalping in the Asian session at brokers that provide low spreads for major pairs. Recommended pair recommendations are: GBP / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / CAD, GBP / CHF, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, USD / CAD, USD / CHF. The point is in pairs that have low spreads.
  • Wall Street Recovery Pro EA: They modify trading robots with special parameters to recover loss positions, ie positions from regular EA Wall Street opening robots, by opening additional positions. The most compatible trading pairs with this robot are EUR / USD and GBP / USD, as well as other major pairs that tightly spread.
The history and performance of the Wall Street forex robots below are developments in the equity of the Wall Street EA Robot published via Myfxbook. This is the story:

Since installing for approximately 3 months, the Wall Street EA Robot has generated a profit of around 35%, which tried in one ECN broker with raw spread and which used 1: 500 leverage and with a capital of 2000 USD.

If you look at the drawdown of the risk management performance of this Trading Robot, it can be good. Since the beginning of the operation, it only recorded Drawdown at 15%.

The drawdown usually occurs when the market experiences volatility after the release of a series of inflation data and the speech of the Governor of the Bank of England with the results of an increase in US central bank interest rates, basically when the news with a large impact.

Wall Street Trading Robot can control Drawdown better than other EAs. After the maximum DD peak, Wall Street EA can recover losses until it maintains DD at just under 10%.

Conclusion Over the past several months, the Wall Street EA Robot has generated a profit of 35%. With an average profit of 0.25% per day, EA Wall Street robots only record a maximum drawdown of 15%. This happens when the market experiences high volatility after the release of a series of inflation data.

The claims of the Developer about the high Win Rate of trading robots are true. With thousands of positions, EA recorded profits in over 78% of its position.

This Win Rate value is much higher than the average of other trading robots on the market. With a total profit of around two thousand pips, the WallStreet trading robot works by collecting small profits periodically. EA can stably collect 8 pips with an average position held for 3-4 hours.

Trial Results test the performance of the Wall Street EA robot, having a performance: Win Rate of around 80%, with around 50 opening positions/month, and profits of up to 200 pips/month. This Performance is not much different from the performance presented by the Developer and also some other testimonials on the internet.

Each position carried out by this robot can produce an average of 8 pips. This trial also activates the High Impact News Protection feature, so the results will differ slightly from the Default mode which disables the feature.

The point is, this wall street robot when it tries to produce results, so this robot is worth it to buy. (this is not a promotion, OK?)

For how to Buy Wall Street EA Robot can directly do through the official website, usually, confirmation of payment is processed in just a matter of hours. After they confirm the purchase, the EA Wall Street Developer will send a complete guide to using their trading robot and of course the robot itself is ready to be installed.

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