A story about forex trading and binary options for the first time

binary option and forex story
The first story know about trading

The first story I know about Forex. This story is my true story when I first got to know forex, which I will explain briefly, and concise.

Because this post is only to fill my free time, I know stories of experience like this will not attract visitors to read it because it does not contain knowledge in it and only stories of personal experience.

Initially, I did not know Forex, but at one time while browsing on the website I found many ads generate tens of millions of rupiah or several hundred thousand dollars just by sitting in front of the computer and looking at the graph and guessing whether it will go up or down.

Yes, it makes me wonder if it's possible to get the money that looks so easy like that, even though what I know to get the money we have to work hard and sweat it out.

Out of curiosity, I was then interested in reading stories from people who referred to as "traders". Traders are people who make buying and selling transactions and coincidentally on the site, I read that they are binary options traders.

Because I was increasingly curious to see the pictures that made me drool over time, so I followed the link and it turned out I arrived at the link to download an application on Android called "Olymp Trade".

Because I only share stories here so I won't cover the broker's name. I'm not the broker's marketing, you know...

Then, I tried a demo account given a fake balance or the term "Demo". The demo here is not a demonstration to oppose the bill, but a demo that means trial. I then tried to play on a demo account and it was still 50:50.

Because the name is also a demo so slowly too lazy to want to play it so one day I made a deposit using a real account.

I was idle, and I immediately deposited an amount that would make you laugh, which is around 11 USD. Well, from that small money, I tried several times trading and in a short time and I lost and LOSS. WTF!

It was rather surprising to see the graphic movement that seemed to jump around by itself unlike in the demo. However, I'm increasingly curious about binary options, so I look for information about these binary options and find out the term forex later.

Because of chance or luck, I joined and took part in the Olymp Trade commemorative event where I asked to upload a happy birthday video on the Facebook page then I could get a deposit bonus of 50 USD that can trade on a real account.

From the bonus without the deposit, then I trade 50 USD so it will be around 150 USD. Wow ...

Because the name is human and full of lust, so I try to trade the dollar by taking a big risk and finally 150 USD sold out immediately...

Image of money that makes you drool
Image of money that makes you drool

After being confused about the binary options, I then looked for deeper information and I found what we call forex trading.

For the first time to know forex, I then tried XM broker and made a deposit only around 19 USD. From this small capital, I then traded and because I was still so a Margin Call (MC) then hit beginner and easily lost.

I was very unfamiliar with forex trading, but it made my curiosity burn and wanted to know more about forex.

After knowing the binary options and forex I think the charts are almost the same and the instruments traded are the same but behind all of that, there are also very striking differences where the binary options look easier because they are only "guessing" while forex is more difficult because they have to determine their take profit and stop loss and various other orders.

Between binary options and forex, I'm more curious about forex because it looks more challenging even though it is equally risky. But I have heard that binary options have a greater risk because 100% of direct capital lost only with the specified time contract.

Curiosity about my forex increased, I then deposited again at the broker XM many times with a nominal value of only 5 USD and 10 USD several times but the result was another margin call. In forex, it's more difficult because they have to determine when to close a position.

Often when I am still a small profit, I immediately close a position, while floating minus, I deliberately left until I wait for the chart to return. You already know that but it's hard to control yourself so you lose again. After several times I looked at the deposit history, it turns out that I lost nearly 50 USD on a micro-XM account.

This story is a story that has been a long time ago when I first learned about forex, but I am writing it now because I just created this new blog so that the old stories loaded later in this blog.

I have also experienced some losses at other brokers not only at Olymp Trade and XM but at other brokers such as Exness, Oanda, Tickmill, XTB, but now I have also felt the name of Withdraw. :)

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