Why forex charts always change, who moves the market?

Forex charts market movement image
Forex charts that change every second
  • Do you want to know who moves the forex charts that determine your profit and loss?
  • Do you want to know, can you change the movement of the chart?
  • Are there any conspiracies in chart movement?

Some questions above are questions that will make us curious.

On this occasion, let us review who has an influence on moving the forex market which discussed in this article.

Well, forex market participants come from various groups, such as banks and financial institutions, multinational companies, speculators, brokers, and government and retail forex traders. 

These things are moving charts in the forex market.

The agency that moves the market
The agency that moves the market

For more details, let's look at the review below in more depth:

1. Banks and Financial Institution

Banks and financial institutions are the most active participants in the forex market.

Inside is a central bank representative of the government, super large private banks, and ordinary commercial banks.

However, the most influential forex market players are usually multinational banks.

There are 10 main players in the forex industry including Citi, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs Inc., Barclays, Morgan Stanley, and HSBC.

They deal with financial institutions or other banks to transact buying and selling currencies to meet their own needs and for the benefit of customers. Therefore, the exchange rate moves up and down in the forex market.

Banks are very dominant forex market players in currency trading, to create an interbank market. There, large banks transact.

The price or agreement that occurs is what determines the exchange rate of the currency. The result, as seen by traders in trading software.

Because the forex market can't centralize, it is natural that one bank with another bank has a slight difference in exchange rates.

2. Commercial Multinational Companies

Companies take part in the forex market because they need foreign currencies to trade in other countries.

For example, companies based in Japan need to use the foreign exchange market to buy the currency they need to pay their partner companies in other countries.

However, keep in mind that commercial companies also still need bank help to take part as a forex market player.

3. Speculators

What I mean here are speculators in the form of entities or private companies engaged in the development of financial funds. They usually have unlimited financial ability.

So, these speculators try to get as much and as fast money as possible from the trading market.

One of the most famous speculators of this decade is probably George Soros.

The famous billionaire is speculating about the decline in the British Pound which produced 1.2 billion dollars less than a month.

Some critics say that these people are responsible for the Asian financial crisis in the late 90s.

4. Government

The government is the most influential forex market player.

In many countries, we can see this government representative at the central bank which extends the government in carrying out its policies.

And as we know, the budget for a country's expenditure is very large, covering between countries and continents.

Thus, the contribution of the state government is very influential in the forex market. Especially the governments of superpowers, like the United States.

Now for yourself, if for example there is news release American President "Donald Trump" raising interest rates as soon as the charts change immediately and trends emerge.

5. Brokers

Forex brokers are parties that are usually in the form of companies, institutions, agents, or individuals that bring together sellers and buyers.

Forex brokers are forex market players with a strategic position because they continue and manage the demand for small trading volumes to larger financial institutions.

So that later, every trader request accommodated in a more massive forex market. Thanks to brokers, traders do not have to have big capital.

The capital needed to become a forex market player is also shrinking, while the profit potential remains the same.

Because of technological developments, forex brokers are now online. Traders like us can even trade from home using forex brokerage services, with capital as low as tens to hundreds of dollars.

6. Forex Traders or Retail Traders

Who is a retail forex trader? It could be you, your relatives, your neighbors, or anyone who doesn't have millions of dollars in the capital but wants to take advantage of the forex market. Retail forex traders are very many in the world, and all of them transact through brokers.

Those are some market participants in the forex market and determine the movement of the chart/market.

So, now we know who can move the market, so if you don't want to get a loss in trading, then look for information about agents that affect the market or use fundamental and technical analysis.

This is the end of this post. Thank you.

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