Which forex news has a high impact when trading?

Which forex news has a high impact when trading?
Which forex news has a high impact when trading?

When you have a plan or will trade, waiting for the release of news or economic news that influences the forex is thrilling. So, what kind of news has a big impact on price changes?

Then, how do you know if the most awaited forex news has a big impact?

Now, to find out the most important and most awaited data, a forex trader must be diligent in observing the forex calendar.

Forex trading with a fundamental style that relies on the news as the main indicator, often mistakenly made by many people.

Most novice traders think forex trading means that they have to standby in front of the chart ahead of the news release and take positions when the news release.

Though not like that. Fundamental trading is more than just waiting. Fundamental trading techniques take the news as the main indicator, but not just one news.

News that the analysis is reliable and has other news as supporters. Such news is worthy of the most awaited forex news.

For example, there is news that has a very large influence, namely: Data on Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) of the United States

NFP is statistical data that calculates the increase in the number of jobs in the past month in the United States. This data compiled by the US Department of Labor and released every first Friday of the month.

NFP is among the most awaited forex news by traders. US payroll data influences the movement of instruments in financial markets such as the foreign exchange market, stock market, bond market, and commodity markets.

Therefore, market participants in the world are very concerned about this data. For information, the NFP news and the Unemployment Rate are two different things from the way they measured.

So it's not necessarily good NFP, the Unemployment Rate is also good or vice versa. But it is logical, if NFP rises, the unemployment rate will also fall.

The NFP calculates changes in the number of people working outside the agricultural sector, while the Unemployment Rate calculates the percentage of the population who are not working or looking for work.

Is only NFP and the Unemployment Rate the most awaited news for traders because of its large influence?

Reality Not only that because there is much other fundamental news that has influence. Economic news can have a major impact on currency movements. Therefore, ahead of the release of this economic news, it should watch by traders, especially for traders who implement short-term strategies.

Some of the most forex news has a high impact is:

  • NFP (Non-Farm Payroll), the effect of the news on price movements can range between 80-200 pips
  • Trade Balance news effects can range between 70 - 120 pips
  • Interest Rate Statement (FOMC Meeting), between 80-100 pips
  • Durable Good Order, 50 - 100 pips
  • Producer Price Index (PPI), 50 - 80 pips
  • Producer Price Index (excl. Food & Energy), 50 - 80 pips
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI), 50-80 pips
  • Consumer Price Index (excl. Food & Energy), 50 - 80 pips
  • Statement by the Governor of the Central Bank, 30-100 pips
  • Unemployment Rate, 30 - 50 pips

The numbers are not absolute, because every news must change. Sometimes there is a corresponding prediction, there is also a bolted away from predictions. Here it is that will make a significant price change.

To find out the times of this news release you can see the economic calendar, for example, provided by the Forex Factory site, other news sites, or other reliable news sources that provide an economic calendar.

In fact, usually, the platform provided by the broker also facilitates the forex calendar.

You also need to adjust the time zone and news release format to the time zone in your area before analyzing it.

However, please note that the magnitude of the impact of news on actual price movements can't determine with certainty because of the many parameters that affect.

Sometimes the most awaited forex news is disappointing. For example, when there is news that NFP is below expectations, the USD should weaken, but is actually bullish.

Traders who are already confident of selling USD finally lost. After searching, it turns out that salary growth is soaring and the forex market is paying more attention to this.

The claimed price movements, triggered by certain fundamental news releases, rarely fit the formula that understood.

According to Fundamental Analysis, this happens because the response of market participants to certain news will vary from time to time, and not only one investment asset.

So what to do? Never rely on just one news release. Consider other indicators related to it.

Even better if the trader also understands technical analysis and market sentiment.

We recognize that even for traders who rely on fundamental analysis, we still need technical indicators to identify the right entry and exit.

Keep in mind that relying on news alone to calculate prices is not a recommended step. For that, while waiting release should do the following tips:
  • Follow fundamental, accurate news sources, and not just unclear rumors.
  • Determine the RR ratio and install a trailing stop.
  • To avoid the risk of slippage or price jumps during important news releases, open a position shortly after the news release. For example, 10 minutes to an hour after the news release.
  • Adjust the clock on the forex calendar with the time following the time zone where you are trading.
Well, that's all this post about "Which forex news has a high impact when trading?". If there are errors, I apologize. For your attention, thank you.

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