Forex trading secrets that are hidden from the public

Forex trading facts actually
The fact of forex trading is actually perilous

Many businesses must have advantages and disadvantages, including forex trading. If you know the bad side of a thing, then you will be easier to avoid the risk of it.

Well, in this article I will discuss some secret facts of forex trading that usually hidden because many traders cannot understand management so they get a loss (Margin Call) which can ultimately damage the mentality.

Most of these facts not widely reviewed, and as we all know, there are a lot of marketing teams luring new traders to deposit large amounts of capital. This happens a lot because I often see people posting to trading groups whether it's on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, or other media.

It is natural that if we try to introduce a new thing, the marketing team will express the good side and tend to "hide" the evil side, right?

Actually, as a good marketing team, it should be transparent and provide an introduction to the weaknesses, not just the good sides.

At the broker, surely we can see the writing about "RISK WARNING". Usually written in a few percents. For example, 76% of traders will lose capital... broker.

Actually, it's better we also know bad things, so we won't surprise later, everyone is always "ready" to get the best, right?

For those of you who are eager to focus on the world of forex trading, it needs to understand if this article does not aim to eliminate your interest in forex trading.

Actually, I'm just trying to show the downside of trading that not published by the marketing team often.

I hope, later by knowing the bad side of the forex, you will be better prepared mentally to face cruel battles in the market.

Here are some facts about forex trading that usually hidden from the public:

You Will Lose Money In Forex Trading.

First, we start with the fact that you will lose money in forex trading. Do you believe this? Wow, this looks scary, right?

But in reality, all traders must have experienced a loss. Even traders who are professional even though because we know that market movement can't predict absolutely.

So, prepare mentally to face the losses that you will experience by doing good management and getting to know more about RR (Risk Ratio).

Forex is not suitable for everyone.

Often, we hear we consider it forex trading by anyone considered suitable to become a trader. If so, it will be very fun, right?

But the fact is that not everyone is suitable for trading.

In fact, not all people who have been trading for years can profit from trading.

More practice will be a valuable experience, but it does not cover the possibility that even though we have known trading for a long time, it still cannot be profitable.

Here I prefer to be honest that not everyone is suitable to become a trader. To be a good trader requires criteria based on personality characteristics and certain abilities that not everyone fits with these criteria and everyone's psychology is different.

You will not get rich suddenly because of Forex

Ok, maybe the opportunity to get profit is the main thing that makes people flocked to try their luck in this forex trade.

Often we see many successful traders and we also expect to be successful from trading in a short time. But most successful traders are old players and the success he builds using low-risk management so it can be profitable.

I often hear even the most professional traders they only use less than 2% risk for every open position they do.
get rich from trade
Just a reminder that money in forex is easy to come and easy to go :)

Many forex brokers potentially fraud

You should suspect your broker before they prove it that the broker is honest, yes it is very important. Sometimes I often see a trader who posts in a group about withdrawals not paid, brokers who manipulate the price and Stop Loss hunter.

In fact, many forex brokers commit fraud. So, it never hurts to always be vigilant and be careful when choosing a broker where we will trade.

Choose a broker that trusted and has strong regulations, for example, regulated by one of the high tier regulators such as CFTC, NFA, FCA, or ASIC.

High Leverage means High Risk.

One advantage of forex trading is the leverage that can increase the strength of our transactions as traders.

However, it should note that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk. That is why it is said that leverage is like a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it increases transaction strength, but it also increases risk.

Demo accounts are best friends.

Many traders feel that trading on a Demo Account is useless. In fact, professional traders also take advantage of demo accounts before plunging into the real and stabilizing their trading plan. We consider it profitable, then use large funds in a real account.

Even though your capital is abundant, taking unnecessary risks is a careless action for an investor, right?

So, don't blame yourself if you really feel that forex trading is not right for you, there are still plenty of business opportunities or maybe professions that you can pursue.

It's not fun either if everyone in the world becomes a trader :)

The things I mentioned above are some forex risks that often hidden. Hopefully, this article can remind you and me to be more careful in doing forex trading. Because behind the good side there are actually a lot of evil sides. :(

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