Why is real trading more difficult to profit than a demo?

Trading with demo is more profitable than real
Trading with the demo is more profitable than real?

Hello friends, in this post I will only tell a light story, and many traders, both beginners, and professionals may also experience this.

I'm including still a beginner in trading, and also do not have a lot of knowledge, and in analyzing forex still rely on emotions.

Why rely on emotions? Because often carried away the desire to open positions frequently and also risking with large lots.

Following the title of this post, namely:

"Why is real trading more difficult to profit than a demo?"
I am also curious about that because I also experienced it.

Well, I feel that a forex demo account is easier. Btw, several times I tried a demo account on MT4.

First, try a demo account, I ignored money management, but it turns out even though it was floating but ultimately also profit.

It derives profit from prices that reverse direction. The point is, if there is patience, waiting for later is also a profit, right?

I tried several times a demo account and finally could get a profit so the balance increased and the bottom line was that it could generate.

Then, because I felt that the account was in vain (because I could not withdraw the money), I finally got involved in real/live.

On a live forex account, I find it very difficult, several times to open a position and can profit a little.

But finally got a Margin Call on an open position opportunity that drained all balances. :(

Well, actually from several times I have tried a real account, almost all of the flow is the same, namely:

  • Loss - MC - Deposit
  • Loss again - MC again - Deposit again
  • Again Loss - Again MC - Again Deposit

Well, that's the flow that I experienced, although I've also sometimes some profit and also have also never felt Withdraw.

Actually, when I first started trading, I could win a large winrate (up to 60-80%).

It means I can profit 6-8 times in 10 open positions, but it's all in vain because on one occasion I get a large floating and finally get a margin call

So winrate is not an important issue (although it is also important, but not very important).

Well, the reason I am a beginner can get high winrate because I do not place a Stop Loss and let it float (so if prices turn around or when the market sideways, I can profit).

But behind it all, it turns out the result is not useful where the end loss, so I changed the trading system and finally I tried to use Stop Loss in my trading and tried to use Risk Ratio (although these two things still often violated).

To get a winrate of 50% and above is very difficult if we use RR and it turns out, trading the right way (using Risk Ratio) is very difficult but can be profitable than trading that I have been doing.

Sometimes I feel that when I try to trade in a demo account more often the profit.

But the strange thing is that lately, I have tried demos with different things; I use the same conditions as a real account where I try with a balance of 100 USD.

I tried with funds of 100 USD, btw I take funds that much because I was trading several times with a capital of 100 USD.

Maybe you want to laugh because the amount is small for you. But that's money, you know ...

So, with a 100 USD real account, I get a loss while on a demo account somehow often profit.

Even though the trading conditions are the same (I use the same balance, the same broker, and the same account type) the results in the demo account are often more profitable than the real one.
Trading psychology, one of the important things in trading
Trading psychology, one of the important things in trading

Maybe it's the psychological factor that decides.

I also realized that psychology and mentality are important.

If on a demo account, after I place SL and TP, I stay and wait, but on a real account I often see continuously in front of the monitor.

But to be honest, if I am a real accountant, I often worry and close positions when there is little profit, but on the contrary, when I lose, my SL keeps sliding.

And finally, psychology usually broken and immediately in the mind 'I pulled SL, if the MC and balance run out, then never mind deposit again'.

Honestly, that's my pearl of wisdom when trading, if you exposed to loss or every open position, is subject to SL.

I also often revenge after loss by using a large lot (here are some reasons I often MC until now).

Despite knowing the cause of the MC from greedy and wanting revenge with the previous loss.

But the habit is very difficult to break even now I am still like that. :(

Speaking of SL, I am often amazed that in SL trading we can liken it to 'going back and forth'.

I experience it often where when I buy; I get SL and immediately. I often open a position again and I Sell and it turns out I got SL again.

Then what made me wonder again was that somehow SL hit so fast, while when the price went to TP we waited a long time.

Now, that is my short story. Do you experience things like me?

Honestly, I feel that. This article made me just for fun because I feel it when trading.

So, maybe only I experienced or some fellow traders feel that way?

If you feel like I feel when trading means you and I are a match. hahaha :)

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