FBS review, a broker that offer no deposit bonuses and various types of accounts

FBS broker logo is scam or legit?
FBS broker logo
FBS is an international broker that provides online forex trading services. FBS is a broker that is gaining in popularity in Asia today.

The company officially named FBS Markets Inc. and based at No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A. FBS broker has got permission from IFSC Belize (No. IFSC / 60/230 / TS / 18).

This broker provides trading in the form of forex, metal, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, crude oil CFD, and cryptocurrency.

For trading software, this broker uses the Metatrader platform, which we know is one of the most popular platforms that widely used by traders.

Many traders choose FBS because trading services can access by various groups, can trade with low capital, and offer a lot of promotions that held regularly.

FBS founded in 2009, at which time the broker was immediately popular in various countries. The popularity of these FBS can achieve because of the intensive promotion, responsive customer service, and Introducing Broker network throughout the region.

If I say this broker is popular because of the many marketing teams and the number of promotions and can also reach all people.

Its development is especially rapid in the Southeast Asia region, because of various promotional programs and lucrative bonuses that it holds, such as a bonus without a deposit of 100 USD which the client can get directly by the client after account registration and verification.

There is also a 100 percent bonus for each deposit of funds, cashback bonuses, sweepstakes with luxury car prizes, and various other lucrative promos.

This broker also often gets awards from various exhibitions, institutions, and international media.

Until 2019, FBS continues to collect awards from various countries, including the 2016 Best Asian Customer Service Broker, the 2016 Best IB Program, the 2019 Most Progressive Forex Broker, and so on.

At present, FBS brokers have hundreds of thousands of partners, with millions of registered traders from various countries.

We can see the popularity of this FBS from the status of their official site is between 7 thousand as the most popular website in the world (data from Alexa rank when I write this article)

There are interesting things in FBS, where for forex trading, they offer leverage up to 1: 3000.

As for spreads, FBS gives options to suit the trading strategies of each trader and depends on the account type chosen. For example, there are floating starting from 0.2 pip, fixed starting from 3 pip, and without spread but a pay commission.

Another advantage of FBS that traders should consider is the CopyTrade application provided. This application allows traders to copy trading strategies from professionals.

Account Types offered by FBS

Like most forex brokers, FBS provides free demo accounts and several real trading account options to meet the needs of different traders.

Prospective traders who still in the stage of learning forex trading and do not yet have sufficient insight to make direct transactions can use free demo accounts.

After the prospective trader smoothly uses the forex trading platform in demo mode, then switches or upgrade to a real account.

There are five types of real trading accounts offered by FBS brokers, namely Standard, Cent, Micro, Zero Spread, and ECN accounts. The following is a brief review of some of these types of accounts:

Standard Account

A Standard Account is suitable for those of you who have mastered the basics of forex trading and feel confident they want to live a more consistent forex trading career. Standard accounts can open with an initial capital of 100 USD with leverage up to 1: 3000. Floating spreads start from 0.5 pips and are free of commission.

Cent account

As with other brokers, the Cent account at FBS is suitable for novice traders who are just trying to trade. A Cent account uses US Cent (USC) as the base currency of the account, and we can open it with an initial capital of only 1 USD. Traders who join Cent FBS accounts will use leverage up to 1: 1000, floating spreads starting from 1 pip without commission.

Micro Account

If it doesn't match the floating spread, the novice trader can also open an FBS Micro Account with an initial capital of only $5. This account has the main features of fixed spread starting from 3 pips so that traders can trade without worrying about spreads unexpectedly. Micro account users can also enjoy the leverage feature up to 1: 3000 and no commission.

Zero Spread Account

This account has three distinctive features, namely maximum leverage up to 1: 3000, 0 pips spread, and high-speed execution. Therefore, Zero Spread is suitable for traders using Scalping techniques who need strict and precise execution. However, to open it requires a minimum initial capital of 500 USD. Whereas they charge commissions up to $20 per 1 standard lot.

ECN account

ECN accounts have a striking difference compared to other account types. Orders from ECN accounts sent directly to the market, in contrast to the four other types of accounts that executed with the STP and MM models. Therefore, the initial capital and trading costs in this account are also the most expensive.

The minimum initial capital is 1000 USD, leverage is only up to 1: 500, and commission costs are 6 USD per 1 standard lot. The advantage of this account is a thin spread of less than 1 pip, fast execution, and the trader can witness firsthand market supply and demand through the Depth of Market. This account is like ECN accounts on other brokers.

Advantages of FBS Brokers

FBS broker is one of the best options if you want to trade forex with low to medium capital. FBS is very suitable for beginners, especially because of the following advantages:

  • Super low initial capital requirements, starting at 1 USD for a Cent account.
  • We can complete the registration process quickly online. They can approve any account opening in minutes or a maximum of up to 24 hours.
  • Live Chat and Callback Request features are available on the FBS website which allows you to get direct help if you experience technical difficulties.
  • FBS allows all scalping, hedging, swap-free trading techniques, expert advisors, and so on. You are free to arrange trading strategies that will use for forex trading.
  • There are various attractive bonus offers from the moment you register for the loyalty rewards for loyal traders.
  • A variety of deposit options ranging from wire transfers, bank transfers, credit cards, e-payment, Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Fasapay, and also via local bank/internet banking.
  • Besides these various advantages, FBS brokerage also offers forex business options as an Introducing Broker, for those of you who are adept at marketing but are not good at trading themselves. IB is to introduce new people to join the FBS broker. Brokers management has prepared all the marketing material, while you only need to spread it through online media. You have the potential to earn up to 80 USD commission per lot from trading activities of people who introduced to FBS (that is why there are so many marketing broker teams today).
  • To increase the security of customer funds, FBS also provides a segregated account, where 70% of the funds can deposit in the client bank.

Disadvantages of FBS Brokers

The FBS broker also has several weaknesses, namely:
  • This broker regulation is still not strong enough, where this broker only has regulation from IFSC Belize, where the regulator is arguably a class 2 or 3 regulators (not the top regulator).
  • Promotional programs and FBS bonuses also often contain hidden rules in their Terms and Conditions (T&C) sheets. When you wish to register with FBS through the bonus program or the usual registration procedure, you should be familiar with all the Terms and Conditions sheets.
  • Many people have negative experiences in this broker, including the long withdrawal process that processed for several days, in fact, I have heard in one group until they process a few weeks.
  • The credibility of this broker still not guaranteed, because most positive reviews about this broker are reviews from the marketing team.


As one of the most popular brokers, this broker has many clients spread across various countries. But the number of clients alone cannot guarantee that this broker is safe.

From some clients in this broker, I often see complaints but after a few days, they can resolve the complaints. So we can say is that until now this broker is still trustworthy.

For those of you who want to try new trading conditions, you can open an account at this broker, but my advice is not to use a large capital, because the security of this broker is not so guaranteed.

If you want to try this broker, you can register directly on the official FBS website, then click the "Open Account" menu that appears on the homepage.

Next, fill out the short form that appears with your full name and email. Please note, your full name here must be the same as the name listed on your ID to make the verification process easier. Also, make sure that the email is active, they will send the username and password details and other details to the email address later. This stage can skip by linking your Facebook or Google account with FBS.

After the first stage of registration is complete, you have joined FBS and can enter the client area, but cannot yet trade forex. For that, open a forex trading account through the menu available in the client area.

Choose the account to open, account currency type, leverage options, and other details. If all goes well, then you can immediately deposit capital and start trading forex on the same day.

In this option, you can also open a bonus account without a deposit offered by this broker.

After registering an account, you must verify the account so that later you can withdraw money from the account, you also need to prepare documents for verification in the form of a scan of identity, as well as a scan of the passbook or the latest electricity bill (or a document stating the address of residence).

Use the live chat found on the FBS site to get help if you encounter problems in the registration or verification process. To prevent unwanted events such as verification fail, it's a good idea to verify immediately after opening an account. So it will not be problematic.

So this review, sorry if there are many mistakes and many words that are not clear. For your attention, thank you.

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