InstaForex review, a broker that provides fixed spread and eurica account

InstaForex broker logo scam or trusted broker?
InstaForex broker logo

The development of computer technology, including the internet, besides simplifying our work, can also a way to increase income, for example, with forex trading.

Forex is a transaction that occurs on the money market with commodities in the form of foreign currencies of a country with other countries. To take part in the market, you need a trading access provider service that is a broker, such as InstaForex which I will review today.

InstaForex is a broker that is part of the InstaForex Companies Group from Russia, which has been providing online trading services to customers from various parts of the world since 2007.

At present InstaForex clients, both beginner and professional traders, have spread to over 50 countries and mainly in Europe and Asia. Especially for the United States, this broker does not accept clients from that country (like most brokers).

InstaForex supported by a board of directors and a young, energetic and professional team. Because of its rapid development, InstaForex now trusted by millions of traders in various countries.

Until now, that number continues to grow along with the positive image held by InstaForex and also the many promos that will attract new traders. Besides being superior in maintaining client confidence, this broker also provides various facilities for traders.

Besides, traders choose InstaForex because the minimum lot units are smaller than most forex brokers. With smaller lot sizes, traders can manage and diversify trading positions more flexible even though they only have a limited balance.

Besides, InstaForex provides a Copytrade and PAMM system that makes it easy for novice traders, and various promising trading promotions and contests.

InstaForex also called a friendly broker for traders in Asia. The reason is that they can do deposits and withdrawals through local banks in Asia.

This service will make it easier for traders to transact. InstaForex broker also often holds interesting trading contests with various prizes in every contest held.

InstaForex broker is one of the international brokers who pioneered online forex trading services (especially in Asia) in the 2009s.

The trading instruments it provides are in the form of forex, CFDs on US stocks, CFDs on Stock Indices, Commodities, Gold, Silver, Oil and Crypto, and others. Many traders choose InstaForex because of its well-known status which offers low capital and various bonuses.

Is InstaForex regulated and we can trust?

They locate the head office of InstaForex Group at 30 Teatralnaya, offices 402, 501, 516, 236022, Kaliningrad, Russia. In terms of regulation, InstaForex has received a license from the British Virgin Islands FSC regulators (No. SIBA / L / 14/1082) and FSC St. Vincent and the Grenadines (No. IBC22945).

In other words, InstaForex is a regulated broker that has a license from the agency. So those of you who want to try trading can try it on the broker.

However, it should note that the regulation that houses this broker is a class 2 or 3 regulation, not a class 1 regulation such as (FCA or NFA / CFTC).

But according to me personally, as long as the broker already has the regulation it's worth a try, but the point is don't use big capital.

The point is, if you have large funds, it is better to divide the trading among several brokers because a broker who reliable can suddenly become scams (even though there is already a regulatory body).

Account types offered at Instaforex Brokers

InstaForex broker provides four types of trading accounts to choose from when you register, namely:

Cent account

We intend this account for beginners who still want to learn forex trading because it is available for trading volume sizes starting from 0.0001 lots.

In InstaForex brokers, the lot size called micro, but when compared to other forex broker standards, this size is equivalent to Nano lots.

The minimum deposit for this account is only 1 USD. Because of the small minimum trading volume, traders can have greater control over their account transactions, even if they only have limited capital. Trading commission is only 0.1 USC (1 USD = 100 USC) per lot.

Cent 'Eurica' account

Cent of Eurica accounts have features similar to cent accounts related to leverage and deposit rates.

The minimum initial deposit is also equal to 1 USD. However, the difference lies in the maximum amount of trading volume allowed on each account. Also, the minimum lot size on a Cent Eurica account is 0.0001 lots.

Eurica accounts, as far as I know, are only in this broker. And every broker can offer different product accounts.

According to information or explanation from Instaforex, this account is not subject to spread when opening a deal.

For most currency accounts the Cent Eurica spread operated. Because of this, the BID price is always the same as the ASK price. To open a deal, a trader pays a fixed fee, which is equivalent to 0.03-0.07% of the transaction volume.

Standard Account

Characteristics of Insta Standard accounts are Fixed Spread and no commission. This account is like a standard account at some brokers.

Traders can also change their own leverage and deposit rates by category, such as
  • Micro Forex (minimum deposit of 1-10 USD),
  • Mini Forex (minimum deposit of 100 USD), and
  • Standard Forex (minimum deposit of 1000 USD).
Therefore, this account is suitable for anyone, both beginner and experienced traders.

'Eurica' Account

Eurica accounts apply zero spreads and apply commission fees (almost like ECN accounts on other brokers), making it suitable for beginners who are still having trouble calculating the spread difference between Bid / Ask prices.

This Eurica account is a standard version of cent eurica accounts. For most currency accounts the Insta Eurica zero spread operated. Because of this, the Bid price is always the same as the Ask price. To open a deal, a trader pays a fixed fee, which is equivalent to 0.03-0.07% of the transaction volume.

Scalping strategy traders will also enjoy zero spreads because they can take advantage of small price changes without taking into account the spread burden.

So you could say the account offered in this broker is unique from other brokers, traders can choose between a standard account or a eurica account. The standard account charges a fixed spread fee, while Eurica uses commissions (similar to ECN), the only difference is that Eurica is not really ECN.

Advantages of InstaForex Broker

InstaForex broker provides online trading features that are rather unique compared to other brokers, especially in terms of super-low lot sizes. Therefore, this broker is suitable for novice traders who are still learning forex trading.

Some features allow novice traders to deposit funds to PAMM or Forex Copy. Overall, some excellent features of InstaForex broker can be summarized:
  • The initial capital deposit requirement at InstaForex starts from 1 USD only. You can start trading with whatever capital you have.
  • Minimum lot units start from 0.0001 lots. Traders can open trading positions in several forex pairs at the same time. This can reduce trading risk with no large capital.
  • Forex trading options are free of commission and zero spread. Thus, traders can choose their own trading cost structure that best suits their respective strategies.
  • InstaForex allows all forex trading techniques, both scalping, hedging, trading robots, etc.
  • We can do deposits and withdrawals of funds through various payment methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, and Local Deposit.
  • Live Chat support via website, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, and email.
  • InstaForex holds lots of demo trading contests and real trading contests regularly. Trading contests provide opportunities for traders from all over the world to get prizes in the form of free balances of up to thousands of dollars.
  • InstaForex also holding a lottery and the annual Miss Insta Asia contest. All traders who meet certain minimum balance requirements can take part in both types of events. The prizes range from cash to sophisticated gadgets and luxury cars.

Disadvantages of InstaForex Broker

Apart from these various advantages, there are a few shortcomings of InstaForex that you need to know before joining. That is:
  • Lately, there have been many controversies among netizens regarding the credibility of the InstaForex broker. The pros and cons have the opposite view of the reliability of this brokerage service.
  • The account verification process complicated and takes a long time. You need to make sure the uploaded documents meet the conditions stated in the client area.
  • This brokerage regulation is arguably weak because it only gets a license from the regulatory body class 2 or 3
  • Whether this is strength or weakness, this broker provides Fixed Spreads. If I say this is an excess, it is true because if market conditions are volatile this can be a profit. But I heard that fixed spread is one characteristic of brokers operating in a market maker.


For those of you who want to try trading conditions in other brokers, you can try this broker.

This broker is worth a try because it is a regulated broker. Although it not regulated by top tier regulators for its legality, the broker is still safe.

This broker is a broker that is very popular in Asia and includes a broker that has been a long time, so for security, you can say that this broker is safe.

My advice, if you want to try this broker, do not use large capital. Because this broker accepts all traders (big traders and small traders) so it doesn't hurt you to try it.

Registration for an Instaforex broker can do directly through the Instaforex website or through the IB for those of you who want to rebate. To register as with a broker just fill out the form on the official website and verify using an ID and also a billing/document stating the place of residence.

Because I am not sponsored by any broker, and I am not an IB, I will not provide a broker link/referral link here ... XD. Enough of this review. If any mistakes, I apologize.

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