Trade binary options with Olymptrade and IQ Option

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This is my story of trying to trade binaries at Olymptrade and IQ Option brokers.

At first, I didn't know what binary options were, but because the tempting advertisements tempted me, I then opened accounts at two binary options brokers, namely: OlympTrade and IQ Option.

Maybe the explanation is just a little story because I also did not use the broker for a long time, at least around 3-4 months I have not traded in binary options.

With a newbie capital, an internet connection and a little money, I tried to trade, but before doing that I look for information on the internet about Olymptrade brokers, is it legit or scam.

I then read and observed that for trading on the trade column it is also necessary to know about how to register and deposit and explain the withdrawal.

Honestly, I was very ordinary, financial words (bank) like the words deposit and withdraw.  I didn't know what that meant, even to the point of searching on Google about the meaning of deposit time XD.

Then, after starting to understand the basics of trading, I found out about funding options.

Many have suggested that they make deposits via Fasapay if not through Internet Banking (via paytrust88). But because internet banking seems complicated and must register via ATM and if not throughout the bank for activation.

After depositing a small amount, I then trade. For trading, I have made a profit several times, but there are a lot of losses so the balance eroded and used up.

Well, then from there I could vacuum and go to the forex trading (when it was new to forex too). I was a vacuum for a few weeks and then I tried a demo, and I know that an OlympTrade broker also offers forex.

I did not know what leverage, margin, equity, and others were about using forex tools. So I just played in the demo version of the Olymptrade forex. (Btw, after I found out now and tried several forex brokers, I don't know why I feel that if I order lots of OTs, there are a lot of queries and the delay is long).

Now, because this post discusses my story in binary options, then I continue my next story.

Somehow I am very curious about binary and forex so I joined a lot of Facebook groups. Among them is the Olmyptrade group, where there was a 50% deposit bonus contest in the Olymptrade anniversary event.

But I followed the conditions only make an original birthday greeting video. And also the winner gets an attractive prize.

And I got a consolation prize in the form of a 50 USD deposit in real account. Then after knowing there was an immediate entry balance, I started trading. And what happened?

If you predicted my balance be 0 (zero), then you are wrong. Because I can make it double. Wow, yups, the balance has changed to approximately 150 USD.

Wow, right? I was excited and showed off in the Facebook group posting ... though I then tried to pull it and it turned out that I could pull it out and a notification appeared that WD was being processed.

But definitely, the hand feels itchy to want to add to the balance so just try to open a position with a large margin of time (which makes you nervous while waiting for wd somehow the balance not reduced by the amount of money in WD so that the balance you want to withdraw can use for trading).

Finally, because itchy hands, because of loss several times, dared to use a large margin and then luck just disappeared. Wow.

Balance that had increased 200% from the initial balance, finally sold out immediately became 0 (zero). Wow.
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Because more and more curious I finally searched for articles to learn on the internet about trading. Well, from there I was interested in forex and left the binary because many said that if the binary was like gambling and most of the winners there were only who has a relationship with a broker.

After that, I tried with IQ Option, a professional and popular binary options broker.

Because I blogged a few years before, so I saw the performance of a company/website from Alexa rank and some testimonials on the Internet.

And I see that the Alexa IQ Option site is very thin and is one of the top sites in the World (even more popular than Olymptrade).

For the IQ Option, I only tried for a short time because I wasn't very interested in binary options, but I was more interested in forex.

On the Android version of the IQ Option platform, I feel very stiff, where I feel more comfortable on the OlympTrade platform.

That way I feel less interested in IQ Option. Btw, because I was interested in forex, I then tried several brokers. And after that, I became more understanding of the world of trading...

For more details, my story about trading on forex, you can read it in my next post about the story of trading experience in a forex broker. Thanks.

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