Bitcoin guide by using Android for beginners

trade bitcoin on android
Trade Bitcoin on Android
Bitcoin is one way for internet users to earn money. How to trade bitcoin ?.

The way to mine bitcoin differs from forex trading. Bitcoin trading is simpler and easier. For beginners will quickly adjust only with a guide on how to get good bitcoin on Android.

In its own use, the most ideal device is a PC or laptop PC.

However, for those of you who don't have the device, it's okay to use the bitcoin trading application on an Android mobile to get a profit.

This online business does not seem too difficult, but still, you need guidelines to succeed and also need both fundamental and technical analysis.

But I can say market movements in Bitcoin to be more predictable than in forex trading and also trading on Bitcoin.

We can only use bitcoin trading applications for trading, i.e. make purchases and sales. By using a trading application, you can withdraw the balance later.

Well, to find out more and more about bitcoin as follows we will review together.

What is Bitcoin or BTC?

Bitcoin is crypto money, a type of digital currency that uses cryptography.

The aim is to secure ownership for its users, facilitate the transfer of units from one person to another and control the creation of new currency units.

To enjoy all the features of bitcoin trading for free, there are several requirements that you must have.

These requirements are that you must have a Bitcoin account, you can register with several brokerage services that usually have the special provision of crypto trading such as bitcoin.

How to trade Bitcoin?

The point for bitcoin trading is like forex trading, which is to buy when prices are low and sell them when prices are high. So that they enjoy the difference between the selling price and the purchase price.

  • Selling and Buying Bitcoin when the market is stable.

The bitcoin market, in fact, has an up and down tendency. Sometimes the price can also be in a stable condition. For beginners, actually, the trick of selling bitcoin can do by buying when bitcoin has a low price and reselling it when bitcoin prices rise again.

Even though it sounds very easy, but you at least need to be smart, careful and thorough. You can start by selling bitcoin at prices that go up less. Although the benefits are taken only slightly, this is one of the initial ways to feel the benefits compared to losses.

  • Using the Limit method

The next way to learn is to know how to use limits in bitcoin. What is the limit? This limit itself is an important method for you to apply to limit the value of bitcoin. This step serves to help you get the value of bitcoin following expectations. By using the limit method, requests that approved only request with a value that you specify.

Bitcoin purchases will be processed if you have previously filled in or assigned a value. Likewise, the sale of bitcoin will provide a good profit if the price of bitcoin is rising, so you will get some income from the difference between buying and selling when the price is going up. Then, fill in the price of bitcoin according to your needs.

  • Know the price movements of Bitcoin

The most important thing in learning bitcoin trading for beginners is knowing how to monitor movements in bitcoin prices. This is very influential on success and is very necessary for beginners who are just learning the business of bitcoin because every time or minute the price of bitcoin is always changing.

To monitor prices on bitcoin, you need to download several applications on your Android. Now there are lots of apps designed to control bitcoin prices that you can easily get on Playstore.

Bitcoin traders have a function to analyze the ups and downs of prices in bitcoin to make it easier for you to get optimal profits. Some of the best applications that you can use are:

Bitcoin application

Your smartphone can now also access bitcoin. How to trade bitcoin can easily do through the bitcoin application. The official application of bitcoin will further facilitate buying and selling and mining bitcoin. This application makes use of the trade API., you only need to choose the account menu and or trade API. Then your account is active.

Bitcoin Spot Market

Well, how to find out the price movements of bitcoin that can monitor manually is to use the bitcoin spot market. You will see price movements in bitcoin through the balance sheet features in the bitcoin market. They will also facilitate you in conducting several buying and selling bitcoin transactions in the bitcoin spot market so they will optimize it.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

The next bitcoin application is the Bitcoin Ticker Widget. This application is used to find out the movement of currency values from bitcoin. Maybe someone is asking what is the difference between the bitcoin ticker widget and the bitcoin checker? The difference is in the portfolio tracker, calculator for bitcoin and bitcoin news.

Features of this application include more complete. However, for beginners, it will look more simple and less attractive. The bitcoin miners who have been professional or have long been in the world of bitcoin business will find it easier to use this sophisticated application.

Google Authenticator

For those of you who have a bitcoin currency worth millions of rupiahs, it is suitable to download the application with the name Google Authenticator. This application can serve as your shield from hackers in cyberspace. At least as long as protecting bitcoin you need to continue to act vigilantly and be on guard by using this application.

Google Authenticator will provide facilities in the form of additional passwords aside from the standard password that you have. It aims to maintain the security of online hackers who have bad intentions like breaking into your account. In this application, the password will change for 30 seconds. Also, the password arranged randomly.

Well, that's a brief information that discusses what is Bitcoin? How it works and the tips for maximizing Android for bitcoin trading. Have you imagined bitcoin trading? If you have traded forex before, it might not be difficult if you trade on Bitcoin because trading is the same as just different assets. :)

With integrated information, you can trade bitcoin on a PC or smartphone.

Although still a beginner, the chance to play bitcoin will always be there. You and succeed if you know the process and steps in taking the right opportunity. Good luck.

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