Comparison of United States vs Iran military forces

United States vs Iran military forces comparison
United States vs Iran military forces comparison

Tensions between the United States and Iran continue. The latest news at the beginning of 2020, Iranian Revolutionary Guards troops rained down "dozens of missiles" at the headquarters of US forces in Iraq.

Both the US and Iran do not want war. However, the potential for the outbreak of war has opened up after Tehran promised revenge for the death of Iranian General "Soleimani".

Likewise, the US also threatened to storm 52 targets in Iran if they attacked American assets.

These two countries have been throwing threats to destroy each other. Iran has launched attacks on US airbases in Iraq.

Iran did this as revenge for the killing of the Revolutionary Guards Commander Major General Qassim Sulaimani by the United States.

All military forces of the two countries have also been prepared and trained to attack.

Then what is the comparison between the military power of the United States and Iran?

Budget and personnel strength

Reporting from Global Fire Power 2019, the US military uses operational funds of USD 716 billion, while Iran uses operational funds of USD 6.3 billion. In terms of military personnel, Iran has 873,000 personnel. While the total number of US troops is 2,141,900 personnel.

Land Forces 

Face-to-face comparison on land for tank affairs, the US has 6,393 units, where they have a mainstay weapon in the thirteenth generation main battle tank (MBT) M1 Abrams.

Then they had 950 self-propelled artillery units via the M109 Howitzer, as well as armored fighting vehicles that reached 41,760 according to

Iran has 2,531 tanks, which on average were produced by the Uni Soviet. Among them T-72S. T-72Z sapphire or T-54/55.

Airpower capability

Despite losing budget and personnel issues, Iran has more rocket launchers than the US, which is 1,900 compared to 1,056 US missiles.

As for aircraft, the United States remains far superior, with 13,398 aircraft, be it fighter jets, bombers, transporters, to training.

Iran is known to only have 509 aircraft, with 165 fighter jets. In comparison, Iranian helicopters are only two percent of US helicopters, 126 compared to 5,760.

American armored vehicles are also almost 20 times more. The number is 39,223 compared to 2,345 owned by Iran.

The Power of the Sea

Although almost balanced, American sea power is known to have more fleets.

America has 415 warships, while Iran has only 398 warships. If the attack takes place under the sea, America has 68 submarines, or double that of Iran which has only 34.

For more details, you can see below:


  • Capital City: Tehran
  • Population: 78,192,200 inhabitants
  • Area: 1,648,195 sq km
  • Military budget: USD 14 billion, 2.5 percent of GDP
  • Nuclear Weapons: So far Iran has not been proven to have a nuclear bomb.
  • Rocket Artillery: 1,438
  • Total Plane: 850
  • Fighter: 130
  • Multirole: 73
  • Attack Plane: 52
  • Helicopter: 324
  • Naval Army: 406 personnel
  • Aircraft Carrier: 0
  • Destroyer: 0
  • Frigate: 6
  • Corvette: 3
  • Submarine: 40
  • Active Army: 550,000 personnel
  • Reserve Army: 350,000 personnel
  • Battle Tank: 2,531
  • Armored Combat Vehicles: 1,625
  • Total Artillery: 4,096
  • Self-Propelled Artillery: 570

United States

  • Capital City: Washington
  • Population: 324 527 000 inhabitants
  • Area: 9 857 306 square km
  • Military Budget: USD610 billion, 31 percent of GDP.
  • Nuclear Weapons: Current number of 6,500 Nuclear warheads. It was deployed at several 1,600 military bases.
  • Rocket Artillery: 1,197
  • Total Plane: 12,304
  • Fighter: 457
  • Multirole aircraft: 2,192
  • Attack Plane: 587
  • Helicopter: 4,889
  • Naval Army: 319,950 personnel
  • Aircraft Carrier: 20
  • Destroyer Ship: 85
  • Frigate: 23
  • Corvette: 0
  • Submarine: 71
  • Active Army: 1,281,900 personnel
  • Reserve Army: 811,000 personnel
  • Battle Tank: 6,393
  • Armored Combat Vehicles: 41,760
  • Total Artillery: 3,269
  • Self-Propelled Artillery: 950

With a power like this, it looks like the United States will be more superior. But what has feared if war occurs other countries that allied with that country helped so that the fear of this war will be the beginning of the Third World War. Hopefully, his condition improves. Amen.

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