10 Procedures for sending a Correct Application for Job via Email

10 Procedures for sending a Correct Application for Job via Email
10 Procedures for sending a Correct Application for Job via Email
Job Application is an important step to get a job. Without a cover letter, the company, shop or place you are going to will not know your intentions and goals. Usually, the job application is written on a sheet of paper or print out. But how do you send a job application via email?

Sophisticated technology now requires that everything can be done instantly and quickly. Sending job applications through Gmail and Yahoo is the fastest way. You can do it on an Android cellphone, laptop or just a computer with a relatively short time. However, because they do not know the correct steps for sending via email, many people prefer the manual method.

To help you with this, try to follow a brief and complete guide to good and correct techniques for sending job applications, CVs or curriculum vitae and other equipment to apply for the job you want. You can send all the files at once easily. For more information, please follow the information below.

1. Prepare all the required documents 

The documents that are required or followed by a company must be strictly followed by you. For example, rules such as the color of the photo, size, include a diploma, ID card, curriculum vitae and so forth. Try also for all files that will be sent not too big. To reduce it you can use resize files that have sizes above 2 MB. Make all the files that you make as interesting as possible and complete.

2. Convert all files to PDF

Generally, it is better if you change the document format to PDF. If you previously made it in the form of a word try to convert to PDF. Or if you need a signature, you can print first, sign and scan. All files covering job application letters, CVs, ID cards, photos and various other supporting letters must be scanned with the same file format. Or it can be scanned into one file.

3. Use a professional email

One of the things that job applicants often underestimate is the email they use. We recommend you use an email with your real name. Because many large companies consider the formality of the applicant. Try not to use emails with pseudonyms or other strange names. Your full name is good enough to be seen as the sender.

If you do not have the email as specified criteria, immediately to register a new email with the appropriate name. The process of making email is not difficult even very easy and fast. You only need about 10 minutes to make it.

4. Following Standard Email Sending

This point is the most important thing when sending an application via email. You must pay attention to every part of the contents of the email. This includes filling in the subject, email contents and attaching application files properly and correctly. Also keep in mind, although email applications are awaited for 24 hours, try not to send them at 12 pm. This is to avoid impoliteness, try to send during working hours.

5. Fill in the company email address properly

You must really know the company email or place you want to apply. Incorrectly filling in the intended email address, the message will not be delivered. The most important thing after that, avoid mistakes in typing the company's email address so that the application letter can really get to the destination.

6. Fill in the Subject or Email Title correctly

In some job openings usually include several conditions that must be followed as the subject in sending job application letters. Indeed, in some other companies do not provide that provision, then you should always be careful in filling the subject. By filling in the subject of the email has a good function to make it easier for companies to know the incoming email by reading the title alone.

7. Fill in the body of the Email

Some companies provide conditions for filling out e-mail bodies, but some don't. For companies that don't require that, then you can just use an opening greeting and introduce yourself. The most important thing when filling an email body is not too long because this will cause your application to be ignored.

8. Attach all requirements

If you have followed all the procedures provided above, the next thing that is no less important or the essence of sending a cover letter is to attach all file requirements. Make sure all the files you have attached are complete. As we mentioned briefly above that the size is not greater than 2MB as the limit.

9. Double-check all parts

After all, have been filled in and attached, do not immediately send your email. Before that, do a re-examination. This is done by reviewing from beginning to end including the name of the company address, the subject or title, the contents of the e-mail, and the attachments that will be sent if they are complete or not. This step is important to minimize writing errors or attach files incorrectly.

10. Send the application

If through inspection everything is complete and correct, it's time to send your job application by pressing the send or send button which is generally located at the bottom of the email. Thus you are finished sending the email. Next, you only need to pray that your cover letter is read, replied and accepted by your dream company.

The description above is a complete method of using e-mail that is effective and efficient for the needs of applying for a job. The sample cover letter can be very interesting if you follow all the tips and tricks provided. This method is generally done a lot and the results are good. But maybe you have to wait for how long this work call via email.

However, this technological sophistication is the only one that you learn. There are various other ways to get a job or find a job with only your device and internet connection.

Job search applications and send job applications are also very helpful. Some of them even provide the trick to send 100 applications via email. Hopefully, this information can be useful!

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