10 Simple Healthy Living ways for Women

10 Simple Healthy Living ways for Women
10 Simple Healthy Living ways for Women
Beauty is an important asset for women. However, there is more important than beauty, namely health. Unlike men, women are usually more susceptible to several diseases.

Therefore a good woman will prioritize a healthy lifestyle in her life. In your opinion, how to apply a simple healthy lifestyle for women?

Actually to run a healthy lifestyle is neither expensive nor difficult. It only requires simple actions that have a profound effect on life. Starting from avoiding diseases, lethargy, fatigue, the risk of obesity and much more.

For housewives, a healthy lifestyle that becomes a habit will bring family happiness.

As we know, nowadays healthy lifestyle trends are indeed increasingly popular. In various media, there are many health information in the form of health tips and tricks.

But there are still many women who feel lazy to eat nutritious food and exercise. So that women can lead healthy lives easily and simply. Let's look at the steps of a healthy lifestyle below.

1. Choose nutritious food intake

Most teenage women now prefer food or drinks in restaurants and cafes. Why? Because of its simplicity, it does not need to bother cooking first. Generally, many women also follow a growing trend. Indeed, the food and drinks we buy are not necessarily bad. However, if you choose the wrong type of food every day the negative impact.

These foods are called fried rice, chicken, spicy foods and so on. A healthy lifestyle can be applied if you also balance it by eating healthy like vegetables, fish, and fruits. Also, the food in public places we do not know the process of processing it. So, it is healthier if we cook alone by regulating adequate nutritional intake.

2. Drinking enough water

You must already know what are the benefits of water for health, right? One of the properties is to maintain digestive health and remove toxins so that they can avoid kidney disease. For women drinking enough water is an important requirement. In addition to avoiding various diseases, water provides benefits for skin health.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking can damage health. Especially for women, the impact that may arise is infertility, shortness of breath, asthma and much more. If not stopped, the risk can be greater. Applying a healthy lifestyle also means avoiding all the habits that can trigger various diseases. These habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, taking illegal drugs and much more.

4. Avoid overeating

For women who already have an ideal body, it would be better to keep eating regularly 3 times a day with the right portion. Do not let you eat too much until it's full. Furthermore, what needs to be avoided is a bad snacking activity. Because snacks that contain lots of chemicals have dangerous risks if consumed too much.

5. Sleeping on time

Often staying up late? Irregular sleep patterns? Or never sleep on time? Your sleep patterns affect the quality of your health. Generally, inaccurate sleep time can cause obesity. Unconsciously, you will feel hungry at night. The possibility of dinner will be even greater. This is what will cause obesity.

Inadequate your sleep quota, because during sleep it's time the body releases toxins. You need to rest well. Surely a good quality of sleep will make you wake up feeling fresher and fitter right? You will be far more prepared to move throughout the day

6. Avoid stressful thoughts

Usually, women are stressed due to many factors. Some are stressed because of school or college work, work that is piling up or even having to take care of and educate children. Stress can make you lose your immune system little by little.

The risk of stress that is usually seen is often shock, fainting, unable to sleep, lethargy, fatigue, and pale face. The result can lead to dangerous diseases. As much as possible you need to try to avoid anything that can cause you stress.

7. Self-care 

Self-care for many is usually the most important. Some are even willing to buy expensive beauty equipment or materials to care for themselves. You could say self-care is a must. Activities undertaken as an example are going to the salon, decorating themselves, creed and so forth. For a healthy life, self-care is important but make sure to stay balanced so that it will not create stress.

8. Bask in the morning

The morning sun is very good for health. If time permits, try basking in the morning sun from the sunrise from 06.30 to 08.00. This is beneficial for getting vitamin D which has the function of providing health to your skin. Taking the time to sunbathe will have a good effect on your health.

9. Regular

exercise There are so many kinds of sports today. The women can choose which sport is most useful and following the conditions and preferences. An example is an aerobic exercise that has the property of making skin tighter. Or choose a simpler way that can be used is to walk in the morning. You just need to enjoy the beautiful morning scenery while sunbathing in the sun.

10. Enough Recreation

Recreation that is sufficient means that you always have the remaining recreational time on weekends or times that are suitable for you. Doing recreation or short vacation can relax your mind. Given as a woman, of course, many activities drain your brain and energy. Recreation or vacation is also useful for relieving stress.

The description above is health information related to examples of healthy lifestyles that need to be applied by women. Although simple, this method is more effective for getting good health. Very easy right? The most important thing is motivation in yourself to continue to want to be healthy. Of course, if we are healthy, the people around us will also benefit.

To begin, try to make a simple schedule that contains your healthy lifestyle. Of course, only you know when exactly to rest, exercise, consumption of nutritious food, holidays and so on. Simply by following this schedule, you as a woman can lead a healthy life simply and easily in your daily life. Good luck.

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