How to track a lost cellphone using Email

How to track a lost cellphone using Email
How to track a lost cellphone using Email

How panicked when the HP suddenly disappears. As a result, your mind must have gone nowhere and can't think clearly.

Especially if the cellphone contains important files or documents such as videos, photos, social media data and so on. Don't worry, instead of continuing to get upset and confused, there are ways to track your lost cellphone using Email.

Increasingly sophisticated technology you can use as a solution to find your lost Android or Smartphone. Do you know?

Basically, everything you do uses an Android phone, then all of these activities will be stored on Google's servers. Not with the aim of spying, but this is very useful in the present or future when your cell phone is lost.

One of those recorded by Google is your location or GPS. Wherever you go, starting from the travel time, distance, hours gone and arrived, the path is taken and others are all recorded.

Now, through this feature, you can track the whereabouts of the lost cellphone. You can use Email as the best solution. How to? For that see the practical steps below.

How to track a lost cellphone using Email:

  • Use other electronic devices. You can borrow an Android phone or Smartphone from a friend or relative as a media to track.
  • Open and run the browser on the device that you borrowed. Type in the browser column "" after that press "enter" to go to the page.
  • Next, after you successfully log into the Gmail login page, then immediately type the name of the email that you use on the missing cellphone. Then select the " Next "
  • Don't forget to enter the password from the email. It's a good idea to keep in mind the name of the e-mail along with the password to make tracking easier. If you are forgetful try to use personal notes in a notebook or other safe place and always carry it with you.
  • When finished typing the password, click " Next " again
  • Well, the next way can be done if you have entered into your email inbox message page. Try to note the symbol of the line or stripe three in the upper left corner above. Click or select the symbol.
  • Slide or scroll the screen to the bottom until you get the " Desktop " option then click.
  • Well, at this stage your Gmail appearance will change. Initially mobile mode to desktop mode. Next, you can directly select the " Google Account " option, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • In this section, you will be directed to your Google account. You can scroll to the bottom and choose the option to " Start "
  • Then select " Find Your Phone " or the " HP lost "
  • At this stage, you are required to re-enter the password from your email. This is very important for confirmation from Google to ensure that the tracking process is indeed the official owner of the account and not someone else. This is done for your security. Just then the contents of the password back and click the " Next "
  • Then proceed by selecting the " Find "
  • Well, after that a display will appear from your lost cellphone location. Usually symbolized by an orange box that indicates where your cell phone is. Pay attention to the place and location shown and immediately search for your phone according to the location in the picture.

Things you need to pay attention to when tracking your cell phone

By following the discussion on how to track cell phone via Gmail in accordance with the steps above, you will see some important points to highlight. It is also good to prepare for when the time is lost. The first point mentioned is that you must know the email or password installed on your cellphone that might later suddenly disappear.

The second point that you can pay attention to is to make it faster and easier in tracking make sure your internet connection is always smooth. This has an effect because of course, the position of the Mobile can change. To quickly adjust the location, you need a good internet connection.

Things you can do when you are on your phone location

If you are very close to the cell phone, about 10 meters from the lost device, you can take advantage of the available ringing options. When you click on the option the cellphone will make a ringing sound that is very loud even though the phone is silent or silent, you can hear and go to the origin of the sound of the cellphone.

The important thing to anticipate the Lost Cell Phone

Well, to facilitate all the ways that have been discussed above, at least you need to anticipate the occurrence of early loss of cell phone. How to? First of all, make sure that the cellphone that you have is installed with Email or Gmail with GPS synchronization is always active so that the real-time position of the HP will be monitored all the time.

This is a simple and practical technique to get your Android phone lost either because it was stolen or because you forgot to put it down. Most importantly, don't panic first and try to think calmly. By applying these powerful tips and tricks, you might be able to find your favorite mobile again. Other ways you might find are via line and Whatsapp.

A surefire way to find the lost cellphone you can use even if the cellphone is turned off or even off. Indeed finding a dead device can be said to be more difficult, but this does not mean that your Android cannot be found. So, do this tracking technique as soon as you notice your lost cellphone. Good luck.

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