Kidney Position, Function and Characteristics of Early Stage Kidney Disease

Many people don't care about kidney health. Some do not even know what a kidney is, its position and function as an organ of the human body. Even the most important knowledge about information related to kidney disease that may be at risk is unknown. Though this is very important, especially to avoid early-stage kidney disease.
Kidney Position, Function and Characteristics of Early Stage Kidney Disease
Kidney Position, Function and Characteristics of Early Stage Kidney Disease
A kidney has a very important role. One function is to filter the presence of poisons or impurities that enter the blood. Furthermore, the dirt and toxins will be removed together with urine. However, what if the kidneys are disturbed?

If the kidneys are not functioning the consequences are fatal. The only solution is certainly to maintain kidney health.

Know how to maintain kidney health is not enough, you need to know the specific characteristics and signs of kidney disease. Knowing in advance the symptoms will make it easier when handling and treatment.

Do not let you just let the kidney disease get worse. Try to identify kidney organs and the characteristics of the disease in its early stages. We will see the information below.

Kidney Position

is one of the organs in the body that is located behind the abdominal cavity and above the back. For the back of the kidney, it is protected by pouring the ribs but for the bottom, there is no protection.

To better understand the position of the kidney, you can place your hands on the hips. The position of your thumb exactly shows the position of the kidney.

Kidney Function

1. Cleanse and filter the blood

The biggest function of the kidney is to clean and filter the blood of foreign compounds or substances that enter the body through the food and drinks consumed every day. Before it is circulated throughout the body, the blood will pass the filtering process by the kidneys first.

2. Regulate the levels of bases and acidic body

It is rarely known that the kidneys have a function to regulate the levels of bases and acids in the body. If the amount of one of them is in excess of the normal limit, then the kidneys will dispose of it together with the urine.

3. Forming Urine

The kidney is also closely related to the formation of urine. Urine is a waste that is no longer needed by the body. For the sake of fluid secretion, it is important to maintain kidney health.

4. Stimulate the formation of red blood cells

The kidney plays a role in the production of the hormone erythropoietin. The workings of this hormone itself is to stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

5. Control blood pressure

Two hormones that are also produced by the kidneys are angiotensin and renin. These two hormones have the function of regulating the contractions and tension of blood vessels in the body. This is why these two hormones are related to blood pressure in the body.

6. Maintain bone health

The kidney is also related to bone health. The kidney function, in this case, is involved in producing calcitriol. This substance is needed by the body to maintain the phosphate and calcium in the amount needed.

7. Control the amount of potassium

The amount of potassium in the blood that is too high or too low can have a negative impact on your health. Well, this kidney function will maintain the amount of potassium in the body that remains normal and ideal level.

8. Controlling blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels have something to do with the kidneys. Because the kidneys function to produce hormones adrenaline and insulin. Insulin serves to stabilize high sugar levels while adrenaline increases blood sugar if the amount is too low.

9. Recycling substances in the body

The kidney has another function in recycling substances in the body. Recycled substances are glucose, salt and amino acids. If the substance is no longer needed then it will be removed along with the urine.

10. Keeping the amount of water in the body

When you think drinking lots of white water is good, it's actually a bad idea. Because this will even affect blood concentration. Well, the kidneys help to remove excess water in the form of urine.

Symptoms of Early Stage Kidney Disease

1. Unusual rashes

As for kidney function that we have already discussed, one of them is to get rid of waste that the body doesn't need. If the kidneys have problems, it will affect your skin problems. It may be that at an early stage you will feel itchy and appear rashes on the skin.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

When the kidneys do not function properly, waste that should be discharged through urine will settle in the body. As a result you will experience symptoms of nausea and vomiting. This nausea itself will have an impact on reducing your appetite.

3. Urinating abnormally

Kidney is closely related to urine. So, if the kidneys are disturbed, urination will become abnormal. It may be that you will often go to the bathroom because you feel a false urge to urinate.

4. Changes in Urine

Besides the symptoms that are seen from the frequency of urination, kidney problems can also be seen from the change in the color of the urine itself. Kidney disease will generally have a change in the color of urine mixed with blood or different from normal. Also arise like foam or foam.

5. Swollen feet and face

Because the function of the kidneys is to get rid of excess fluid in the body, so if the kidneys are not functioning properly can cause swelling in the areas of the face, feet, hands and other parts.

6. Easily tired

Patients with kidney disease will also experience anemia from mild to severe scale. This is caused because there is a disruption that occurs in kidney function to monitor red blood cells. The result, you will get tired quickly accompanied by dizziness, out of breath and cold.

7. Metal taste in the mouth and bad odor

Metal taste in the mouth and odor is caused by a buildup of toxins in the bloodstream. Because the kidneys don't function, eating food will be like metal. After experiencing this, immediately check your situation to the doctor.

That is complete information that discusses the kidney as an important part of the body. Despite having a small size, its function and role are really valuable. Love and care for your kidneys as well as possible. Complete your knowledge about daily habits that can support kidney health and avoid bad habits that have a negative impact.

Thus you can take care of your health from various diseases that are always ready to spy on you. Never underestimate the symptoms of the slightest disease. After knowing the characteristics of this early-stage kidney disease, try to always be careful and responsive. Hopefully this information can be useful.

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