Recipes and how to make Peanut Chicken Satay

Yummy satay recipes and how to make
Yummy satay recipes and how to make it

Satay is one of the very famous culinary in Asia. The taste of this satay meat tastes more delicious when mixed with peanut sauce as a mandatory complementary ingredient. Even so, each satay seller has a different taste based on the recipe they have. So, how do you make chicken satay with delicious peanut sauce?

Chicken satay itself can actually be created according to taste. For example, maybe you prefer soy sauce seasoning chicken satay, simple peanut sauce or maybe a Madura style. Each of these chicken satay creations has a different recipe. The meat used is not only chicken. But, you can use mutton, beef, ground, deer and so on.

Want to make satay as your food menu? Want to make your own but still confused about how to process satay? Don't worry, here are some complete tutorials on how to make chicken satay with peanut sauce with different variations according to your taste. Let's pay more attention in full.e Peanut Chicken Satay.


Materials to be prepared:

  • ½ chicken meat (you can use any special part you like)
  • ½ Beans
  • 100 grams of brown sugar

Finished ingredients:

  • Garlic 4 cloves
  • Shallots 7 cloves
  • Pepper 1 tablespoon
  • Candlenut 3 seeds
  • Red Chili 3 seeds
  • Salt to taste

Other supplementary ingredients:

  • Shallots 7 cloves
  • Tomatoes 3 seeds
  • 10 seeds of cayenne pepper
  • Sweet soy sauce to taste
  • Cooking oil 3 tbsp
  • 4 cups of water

How to make :

  • The first step that needs to be done is to clean wash all the chickens and separate them with the bones.
  • Puncture pieces of chicken that have been finished cut into pieces using the skewers that have been provided. Fill the stitch according to your desire or taste. Can 4 pieces or even more in one stitch.
  • Fried peanuts then puree with the help of a traditional blender or grill..
  • Next, how to make peanut sauce starts with heating the pan with oil, then put all the seasoning that has been smoothed earlier. Sauté the spices until they smell nice. Don't forget to add 4 cups of water, salt, brown sugar, and refined peanuts
  • Keep stirring the ingredients until the water has shrunk and the oil comes out.
  • For the process of burning the chicken, take a little of the peanut sauce in the bowl and add soy sauce to taste. Apply it to the chicken and grilled chicken while fanning occasionally behind. Remember not to take too long, when it is half done, rub it back with the soy sauce seasoning with soy sauce and continue to bake until the satay is cooked.
  • Prepare the plate, start arranging the satay that has been cooked. Add the peanut sauce and sprinkle with shallots, cayenne peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Satay is ready to be served.


The ingredients that need to be prepared:

  • Chicken thigh and chicken breast 300-gram fillet
  • Lime juice 2 tablespoons
  • Salt to taste

Ingredients for Bean Spices:

  • Fried Beans 150 grams
  • Red onion 2 pieces
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Candlenut 3 pieces toasted
  • Sweet soy sauce 3 tablespoons
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • Oil for sauteing to taste
  • 1 piece of ripped orange leaf
  • 150 ml of water (For its taste-adjusted viscosity)

Material for a supplement:

  • 20 pieces of cayenne pepper cut into pieces
  • Sliced ​​10 onions
  • Fried onions to taste

How to make :

  • Cut into small pieces of chicken fillet then give salt and lime juice then set aside first.
  • Next, prepare for finely chopped herbs such as garlic, shallots, and hazelnuts. Blender everything with a level of fineness to your taste. Then stir in the seasoning, not forgetting to add lime leaves and sweet soy sauce. Stir in evenly.
  • Add a little water and pepper salt then stir well. Taste the taste whether it suits your taste or not. Cook until the water has shrunk. When finished lift and set aside.
  • Take the sauteed peanut sauce about 4 tablespoons together with the chopped chicken. Add about 100 ml of cooking water to the seasoning. Cook until the seasoning really permeates and the chicken starts to change color. Once cooked, turn off the heat.
  • When the hot steam from the chicken meat is gone. Prick the chicken on a skewer and bake it using Teflon while occasionally you apply it with the remaining seasoning from the chicken stir earlier
  • Give a sweet soy sauce spread as a flavor to make it more fragrant. Remove when cooked and serve with complementary materials provided previously.
  • Enjoy.


Materials that need to be prepared:

  • Chopped chicken meat in ½ kg box
  • Sweet soy sauce to taste
  • Salt ½ spoonful
  • Pepper ½ spoonful

Bean spice ingredients:

  • 250 grams of fried cashews are mashed
  • Fried cloves 4 cloves
  • 4 red chilies
  • 75 grams of brown sugar has been combed
  • Orange Leaves 3 pieces
  • Sweet soy sauce to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Sand sugar is enough
  • Taste
  • Cooking oil for sauteing
  • Water 500 ml

Ingredients for flavoring:

  • Peanut sauce 2 tablespoons
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • 2 tbsp sweet soy sauce

How to make :

  • For the first stage of making peanut sauce, puree garlic and chili first.
  • Saute the available finely spices and orange leaves until the fragrance smells, then add 500 ml of water.
  • Enter the cashew nuts that have been mashed (can be replaced by using peanuts).
  • Stir well. Don't forget to add sugar, salt, and flavoring according to your taste. Keep cooking until the seasoning thickens and takes out the oil.
  • As for the chicken, boil the water and add the chicken meat that has been cut into pieces before. Add pepper, salt and soy sauce. Cook until cooked chicken (This stage you can use or not. Another way is to direct the chicken meat skewered and burned).
  • Perform the skewers on the skewers.
  • Roast chicken that has been skewered can use Teflon or charcoal.
  • Enter the grilled chicken satay into the spread of the available spices.
  • Next, roast again for a while and finish.
  • Serve with sliced ​​shallots, cayenne pepper, and peanut sauce.
  • Cashew seasoned chicken satay ready to be enjoyed.

The description above is a recipe for how to make delicious and simple peanut chicken satay. Starting from the materials, tools, and equipment that need to be prepared, the manufacturing process until it is ready to be served. Interested to try immediately? You can immediately practice it at your home easily.

To simplify and further support your creation of making chicken satay, various video tutorials infamous video platforms such as Youtube also provide many of the best recipe tutorials for you. Good luck and hopefully the results are satisfying.

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