The danger of playing an Android phone when it rains

Heavy rain accompanied by wind and lightning can indeed be very scary. Moreover, there are a number of news that warn against playing mobile, laptop, computer, television or other electronic devices when it rains. Why? The danger is proven by the occurrence of events that killed several people because they were playing Android until struck by lightning.

When bad weather occurs, there are indeed some things that should not be done. Possibilities include turning on electronic devices, wifi and all things related to electricity. Actually, due to being struck by lightning does not only cause damage to property, buildings, or HP itself that can be short-circuited. The most dangerous thing is until an accident in humans.

You certainly don't want it right? For that, in the discussion this time we will find out what is the link between playing electronic devices with lightning? And what do we need to do to avoid the adverse effects of the thunderstorm? For complete information, please refer to the following information.

It's dangerous to play an Android phone when it rains
It's dangerous to play an Android phone when it rains

According to Research and Facts

A journal released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA explains some of the main factors that can affect the location of a dominant place that can be struck by lightning. This confirms the danger of using a cellphone when the weather is bad ie rain with lightning.

These factors are influenced by the height, the shape of the building that is pointed and the isolation that can be the dominant factor in lightning strikes. Well, from the Mobile itself there are metal components.

There are indeed metal components that can capture signals such as electromagnetic waves to produce so-called magnetic fields. However, even so, the actual metal content in the HP is not able to trigger lightning strikes.

A researcher in the field of weather change commented that small metal objects such as jewelry or other items are not the cause of lightning striking into the area. People who get struck by lightning are actually in the wrong place and time. Like being outside the room and or high places that can trigger lightning strikes.

The prominent medical professor also stated the same thing. In this case, a bolt of lightning can haunt those cellphone users as a myth that is believed to be true. Yet based on research and facts found due to lightning strikes do not originate from the use of electronic devices.

Even the use of an Android mobile phone or smartphone is reportedly safer than using a landline or landline telephone which has the potential to conduct electricity when lightning is struck.

Tips To Be Safe not to be struck by lightning

1. Enter the building

The first thing we need to do is find a place to take shelter. Especially when you may be outdoors. The shelter that you should choose is a building with buildings, shops, and homes. Avoid looking for shelter under a tree, because often in some situations lightning strikes trees.

2. Don't walk barefoot

When we are indoors, it doesn't matter if we don't use footwear. However, it should be worth attention is to always use footwear when you are going out of the room. Why? Because lightning can strike quickly on the ground where we stand. Walking barefoot can get us struck from the ground.

3. Don't swim

Swimming is a very pleasant sport. But not the case when the weather is bad or even thunder. You should stop your swimming activities. Why is that? As we know, water can conduct electricity so that lightning can strike through the water.

4. Do not use a landline or telephone

When lightning strikes you should not use cable or home telephones. As we have discussed, home phones can be more dangerous than cellphone use. To be more secure, you really don't need to use any electronic devices if it's not really urgent.

5. Stay out of the open

When you have seen signs of heavy rain with lightning, you should stay away from open areas such as parks, fields, fields. Generally, the lightning will also look for the ground to release its energy. In accordance with the first point in these tips look for a safe building such as a house or shop.

This is a brief description of information related to the relationship between the use of electronic goods with lightning that could have struck. You now know clearly the dangers of playing cellphones, laptops, computers, and television in the rain and thunder. By knowing this you are provided with knowledge about safety in the home and the surrounding environment.

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