Tips on hiring Interior Designer services

If you don't work in the creative field, you might not have a clear picture of how to organize the contents of your home.

More than just giving advice about the color of the furniture, an interior designer will create a harmonious room and take into account the lighting and usability of a room in your home.

When you hire the services of an interior designer, you will run a collaborative project, so it is important for you and the interior designer that you choose to agree on several important things before you start working:
Tips on Hiring Interior Designer
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1. Know the Budget

First and foremost, you must have a reasonable budget and you must be forthright with your interior designer. Incorrect allocation of financial resources will make the project run half-way and cause problems in the construction process.

Don't be shy or even keep your budget a secret, this will make interior designers suggest something that is beyond your expectations. Tell the designer how much budget you have, so they can manage the budget based on your ideas in this project.

However, you also need to be flexible. There may be some costs that are missed because it is difficult to determine before the project starts, such as demolition costs, contactor and consultant fees, and shipping costs (if you order furniture from abroad).

Tips on Hiring Interior wallpaper
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2. Get to know the Style

The best way to explain what you want is that you have to browse photos that at least give an idea of ​​your style and taste. But don't expect designers to respond immediately to what you want if you just say "I like Balinese-style interiors", or "Zen style ", or "Retro style ", because this can cause misinterpretation.

The photos that you collect can be processed into a mood board that will give designers an understanding of the theme you like. Sites like and are valuable resources for those of you who like the design. Also, pour your ideas into the scrapbook and identify what you like the most and why. Don't forget to include photos of things you don't like. Discuss the idea with the designer and see how it can help the designer run an interior renovation project for your home.

interior design bathroom
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3. Recognize Space Functions

Mastering the functions of a room will help you explain to designers about what you do, how many people stay at home, what are your hobbies, and daily routines at home. Such details will help your interior designer to create efficient and useful spaces. After all, why make a room as beautiful and luxurious as it appears on the cover of a magazine if it doesn't have a useful purpose?
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4. Request Recommendations

Every interior designer has a different style. Some designers prefer to use steel and cement to create an industrial look , and other designers choose to use wood and vintage furniture. Look at their portfolio to make sure their style matches your idea. In addition, you can also check if there are other people who have hired their services before.

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5. Pay attention to the plan

Spending more time in planning will reduce time for work. Therefore, in the case of interior design planning, there are several stages that must be passed:

Your interior designer can provide a 3D look that displays the fabric, colors and furniture that will be used by them. This is your first chance to see if their vision suits your taste.

Schematic design, which is a detailed plan that includes full measurement) is arranged to identify problems and inefficiencies and create space for neglected areas. Try not to rush into drawing schematic designs because well-drawn design layouts will produce productive projects.

Design development plans are where interior designers can see the final picture of their work. This design usually takes about eight weeks. Therefore, the design of this development plan must be done in advance so that your project runs on time.
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6. Clarify Duties and Responsibilities

Before the project actually runs, it is important to explain whether the interior designer has carried out his responsibility to meet the deadline for shipping goods. Would you ask the designer to use the contractor service you chose? Or let them recruit their own contractor? Do they only provide design consulting, or can they also be project managers?

For example, to save costs, you can research furniture at IKEA and buy it there.

Make sure the assignments described by you can be understood by interior designers. In addition, contractors and designers must also respect each other's roles and responsibilities. Clearly explain the scope of work needed so there are no misunderstandings. You also need to clarify which room will be designed (it is very important for you to have an open space, kitchen and dining room, but for some reason, you don't want the area to be redesigned).

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7. Open to Change and Have Fun!

There are separate reasons why you hire the services of an interior designer. The reason is that you want the opinion of a professional and understand how to transform the space in your home. Redesigning the contents of your home requires no short time. Therefore, enjoy each process and pour your creative ideas into interior designers and let them do their work.
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