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  • Perhaps many think the Nerfx is related to the game because there is the word "nerf" as in a game that knows nerf and buff.
  • There may also be someone who thinks Nerfx is a blog about artists, because there is an appendage f (X) that refers to a girlband from South Korea.
  • Maybe there is also someone who thinks Nerfx is a blog about mathematics because it uses the keyword Function (X).
  • And maybe there is also someone who thinks Nerfx is a broker! Because there is using the word FX in the domain hehehe.
But those are all wrong estimates, because:

Nerfx is a translated blog that aims to share information about general and useful things, especially learning forex trading.

It will focus on trading topics, especially the Forex trading. Therefore, the domain name Nerfx has the letter "FX" as we know whether Fx stands for Forex (many brokers abbreviate it like that).

NB: Some content from this blog comes from translated sources, if you feel uncomfortable we apologize. And if you feel there is content in this blog that violates or is inappropriate or you object to the content in this blog, you can report it on the "Contact Us" page. Thank you.

NerFX blog itself when first created is still using a sub-domain of Blogspot.

Well, in the beginning, the TLD will make immediately, but domain payment via Google Pay is difficult to do, so it's still a sub-domain.

But for the future of this blog using TLD. Finally, officially on June 1, 2019 this blog officially got a TLD with the URL address: https://www.nerfx.com. I registered the domain at  Namecheap, Inc.

By using the TLD domain, this blog will look to be more professional. Hopefully, by using the TLD domain this blog can grow and can be more eager to provide strange content on this blog.

Please note that this blog has a topic about forex trading in the beginning, but for the future, if it felt that the interests of forex reduced or the admin saturated, then this blog can be multi-topic so that the meaning of Nerfx: "New Ebook Reader For X". Where X refers to you, or everyone who visits this blog.

Btw, my goal to make this blog is to fill in spare time so it is not in vain and also as a means of entertainment.

Historically, this blog registered on June 1, 2019, and in the period up to December 13, 2019, this blog is a blog I have divided into several sub-domains and use modern templates of AMP.

I used these sub-domains to separate blog languages, at which time I divided them into several languages, namely: Arabic, Indonesian, Mandarin, English, Russian, Spanish, and French.

This blog also had Google Adsense installed where when I first received this blog using Full English and then I created a sub-domain comprising any languages.

Starting today (December 13, 2019) I deleted all posts on this blog and other sub-domain blogs. And also I changed the total appearance of this blog.

Well, that's some short stories about the history of this blog.

So, we can say it if this blog is officially active starting on Friday, December 13, 2019

For your attention, I say Thank you. Greetings Blogger!