Not a broker! NerFX is just a personal blog that aims to share information about general and useful things (especially Forex Trading). Maybe many think that NerFX is related to games because there is the word "nerf" like in the game, maybe there is also someone who is curious about being a blog about artists, because there is an appendage f(X) that refers to the South Korean girlband, or some think that NerFX is a blog about mathematics because it uses the keyword domain Function(X). NerFX itself is a blog that focuses on the topic of trading, especially Forex trading, so from that the NerFX domain name has the letter "FX" as we know if Fx is an abbreviation of Forex (many brokers abbreviate it as such). NerFX itself is currently still using a subdomain from blogspot with the address: nerfxcom.blogspot.com 

Well, in the beginning, the TLD will be directly created, but for some reason the payment of domains through Google Pay is difficult to do so it is still a subdomain until this article is written. But for the future this blog will use the TLD that was dreamed of when it was first created and will move to nerfx.com because that domain is available now.  Finally, officially on June 1, 2019 this blog officially gets the TLD with the URL address: https://www.nerfx.com. I registered that domain at Namecheap, Inc. Yes! by using the top level domain, this blog becomes more professional looking. Hopefully by using the TLD domain this blog can grow and in the future can be more eager to provide content that is strange in this blog.

Please note that this blog has a topic about forex trading in the begining, but for the future if it is felt that the forex interest is reduced or the admin is saturated, then this blog can be multi topics so that the meaning of NerFX: "New Ebook Readers For-X." With X referring to You or All people who visited this blog. By the way, the purpose of the author to make this blog is to fill in his spare time so as not to be wasted and also as a means of mere entertainment.

The official detailed info of this blog is:

  • Title: NerFX - Trading Education Blogs
  • Description: A blog about general info and useful things, especially learning foreign exchange trading, analysis, strategy, psychology, management, and etc
  • Keyword: Trading, Broker, Forex, Stock, Binary Option, Cryptocurrency, Commodity, Indiches, Technical, Fundamental, Psychology, Management, Strategy, etc
  • Date Published: June 1, 2019

ATTENTION: "Maybe in this blog there will be a lot of grammar mistakes because of the ignorance of the writer in using English. Just be honest if English is the third language (or even the fourth language) that the author spoken, so that it is not too able to master it. However, the author hopes that later what is in this blog can be conveyed to readers who visit this blog. Thank you and I apologize profusely."