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The first time I created this blog, my comments column activated and got some comments or feedback from constructive visitors.

But for some reason, I deleted all the comments on this blog and I turned off the comment form.

Some reasons for closing the comment form because some comments go out of topic and found some comments are only for advertising and just spamming active links to other sites.

But the main reason I delete comments is that it makes blog loading looks slowly and will disturb visitors.

And finally, because I used the AMP template, I didn't activate the comment. So it gets the blog fast loading.

According to several sources on several websites, AMP is a web page that specifically designed to be mobile-friendly.

One project from Google can also provide experience for internet users for the convenience and speed of surfing the internet.

With the support of the AMP page on the site, it can speed up access up to 4 times faster than usual. Also, AMP pages can store up to 10 times internet data.

By integrating your site so it can display AMP pages, SERP can improve Google search results, especially on mobile devices.

Actually, there are several other alternatives, namely by installing plugins, Facebook comments or Disqus comments form, but I don't think there is a need to display comments on this blog.

I know that many visitors here come from search engines to find the information they are looking for through search engines, especially Google. So that the service comments and contact us on this blog are not optimal because there are only a few loyal visitors and want to discuss it together.

Well, precisely from Friday, December 13, 2019, this blog officially changed completely and started again from zero, where all my posts and all sub-domains completely deleted.

After overhauling the entire blog, finally, I returned to using a non-AMP template with the reason when using AMP on Blogspot complicated.

It's complicated because every post has to fill in a special image code so that the image becomes valid AMP.

I have also activated the comment form on this blog, but what appears is mostly spam comments and active links. Therefore, my comment form deactivated again.

This blog admin is a very beginner and not someone who likes social media or open / read e-mail.

So, for those of you who want to discuss, comment, give feedback (both positive and negative), complain, or just want to ask a question or just want to know more about me, then you can contact me via chat, Tweet, Mentions, Tags or Direct Message (DM) to the official fan page of this blog:

Thank you.